Is There Any Stopping Him Now? Nope!

Let’s begin by saying what happened in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas. Actually, what happened in Nevada (which is much larger than Vegas) won’t stay in Nevada. Donald Trump tore apart the competition last night in the Nevada Caucus. Ted Cruz beat out Marco Rubio by six votes for second place. So, Trump came away from the evening with an additional 12 delegates, Rubio and Cruz each got five as they continue to split the remainder of delegates between them.

This is the third win in a row for Trump, and he’s poised to do pretty much the same thing next Tuesday in the March 1st Super Tuesday primary states. I think there’s only one state that he’s losing in, and that’s Texas, which is Cruz’ home state. After that, I don’t think you’re going to see either Rubio or Cruz drop out. Carson probably will, but that’s it. It all boils down to a two person race right now if there is to be an establishment candidate that makes it to the nomination. I’m about 99% convinced that’s not going to happen this year. The momentum is with Trump, the crowds are with Trump, and I am thinking this is Trump’s to lose. Unless he gets caught using a private email server in a bathroom closet someplace to do his business, Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

Now, the question going forward, just for the non-Trump fans out there is, was there anything that either Cruz or Rubio could have done to avoided getting shellacked in Nevada? The answer is no. Trump is a well-known name in Vegas and has his own hotel out there. I’ve stayed there. It’s nice. No casino, but it’s a nice hotel. Neither Rubio nor Cruz has one. That does make a difference in Clark County, trust me. The only thing those two could have done to insure a different outcome, or at least a closer outcome was to have one of them drop out. And they both would have been pointing the finger at the other as the person that SHOULD drop out. Rubio is in this at least until Florida. Cruz won’t drop out before next Tuesday and Texas. And though Trump still does have the momentum and the polls on his side, he is still miles away from the total number of delegates needed to win the nomination.

I can’t at this point really see anything stopping Trump. He needs to have the field winnowed down quite a bit, and that’s not going to happen. Oh, Carson may drop out. I mean, he’s won 0 delegates so far, and he’s slowly bleeding donors and crowds, but he says he’s in it for a long while. I’m surprised he’s still around. Kasich is in it because he basically wants to get to Ohio and Michigan. He’s not running to be president. He’s running to be Vice President. That’s the only logical reason for picking and choosing your states like he’s doing. Donald Trump is the GOP nominee. The anti-establishment has won!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Is There Any Stopping Him Now? Nope!

  1. Wow! Trumps rolls with what, 37,000 votes in the Nevada caucus. I saw his “victory speech and a panning of the audience by the TV cameras. In fact, I have been watching his rallies for the past couple of months and all I can say is the Republicans should change their name to the National Republican White People Party and it reflects their constituents I have seen that many white people in one spot since the George Wallace rallies in 68 and 72 (pre-shooting). I admit I saw Black people but I think they were trying to find the Ben (Converted Rice) Carson rally or selling T-shirts.

    So just so I understand the dynamics of the November election with Trump as nominee, Reince (the Loser) Preibus believes that the Republicans, which according to registration figures, are a minority in the country, plan to win with the white people vote who are a minority in this country. And who is the brains of this operation again?

    Are we ever going to hear any policy positions from Trump or are we going to be subject to awesome winning which we will get tired of because he is going to teach the Chinese a lesson right after they stop manufacturing his overpriced crap.

    You reap what you sow, you have heard of this?

    • Nice to have you back in the US, Snark! Though you have made some rather large errors in your comment. Let me help out, ok? Currently (as of 2014, the last year stats are available), there are 77.4% of Americans classified as “white”. 62.1% of Americans are classified as “white-non Hispanic”, leaving 15.3% Hispanic. Next you have blacks at 13.2%, so either way you want to slice it, whites in this country still are a majority. And by the way, Donald Trump received 78% of the Hispanic vote in Nevada…just sayin’. I would ask you to hold your breath, and visit today to see the answer to the Chinese dig. Seems China is scared Trump will actually win the White House. Hmm…

      And yes…I’ve heard of that saying…actually it’s Gallation 6: 1-10.

  2. Actually Desert, there are no errors in my comment, it is that we used different numbers. See your numbers include ALL Americans whereas mine for all VOTING AGE Americans. Now if the Republicans want 5 year olds to vote, in spite of their stupid voter ID laws, and that appears to be the mental age of the Trump voter, then you have a majority. Now under my more realistic figures, whites of voting age are shrinking compared to other ethnic groups or mixed race. That means the old saying of we Baby Boomers, every day there are more of us and less of you.

    As for Trump’s big Hispanic victory, 78% of 132 Hispanic people is hardly and endorsement of his xenophobic policies, especially when there were I believe 50,000 that participated in the caucus.

    The Republicans should consider changing their mascot from an elephant to a fossil of a dinosaur, because that is what they are and they stand a very good chance of a drubbing in November.

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