No Supreme Court Nominee For Obama

It came out yesterday, with little fanfare. Mitch McConnell said in front of the world that he had talked to his Republican colleagues in the Senate, and the US Senate will NOT be holding hearings for any nomination to replace Antonin Scalia on the US Supreme Court. Some say the move is unprecedented in history, but there are plenty of Democrats who would have done the same thing, including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Chuck Schumer back in the Bush administration. Only now, they get to formerly eat their words.

What this means is simple. Barack Obama can spend all of next weekend thinking who he would like to send up to the Senate as a replacement nominee. But damn! They’re really busy up there, and don’t forget that it’s an election year, so we’ll get around to it….oops…you’re done in January of next year, aren’t you? Well…we tried. And frankly, you know the Democrats under Harry Reid would have done the same thing. hell, they couldn’t even pass a budget for the entire time Reid was Majority Leader, so they sure as hell wouldn’t have been able to approve a Supreme Court nominee!

Chalk it up as another loss in what’s shaping up to be a really bad week for the lame duck/lame brained president. No one wants his endorsement on the campaign trail…Michelle isn’t giving him any…and the congress is throwing his plan to close Gitmo in the trash without so much as a whimper. No, poor Bobo is having a bad week. No victory lap for you!

Overall, I can’t say that I blame Congress. They’ve eaten so much Obama crap over the past seven years that it’s really kind of nice to see them grow a pair of balls and stick to their guns. Time and time again, Obama has thumbed his nose at Congress for not doing his bidding. He’s circumvented the constitution and broken the law with no regard to any consequences. Well, these are his consequences. Next time he will learn that you have to work well with other boys and girls and get along. You’re not on an island by yourself…even if you are the first black president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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