More Email Problems…

Trust me…I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Hillary Clinton, but her email scandals just keep compounding. Now, it won’t matter a whit when it comes to the Democrats and their nomination. They don’t see the email scandal as anything more than a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. But when she gets to the general election in November it’s going to be devastating.

The latest bomb to explode inside the Clinton campaign came on Tuesday. A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Clinton’s top aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills should be questioned under oath about her use of a private email server. This raises huge questions about the whole legality of the matter and is potentially a devastating blow to her campaign…even though she shrugs it off as “a security check”.

The judge, who isn’t some right-wing ideologue, but rather was appoint by…wait for it….wait for it…Bill Clinton of all people, said that the drip, drip, drip of constant information that comes out about Hillary’s scandal is “raising suspicions” of a vast Hillary conspiracy to break the law. The suit was filed in Federal Court by Judicial Watch, and yes, they ARE a right-wing group…but they’ve been getting a lot of press lately because they go out and file FOIA requests (Freedom Of Information Act) and file lawsuits. They’ve been very successful in the last few years and looks like they are getting their way again. The court has set a mid-April date to continue with the trial, just as Hillary is expected to complete her delegate totals in excess of the number needed to secure the nomination. Is that going to have an impact on the entire Democrat convention in Philadelphia?

Frankly, I’m not sure that it is. Democrats have been pooh-poohing this entire process with the emails and the lying and the untrustworthiness issue for months. They say they don’t care that Hillary is not trustworthy. They say they don’t care if she lies. Bernie Sanders beats her by 70-90% in those two categories in every single state. It doesn’t seem to matter to the Democrats. Somehow I think it will when it comes election time in November. I can’t imagine that a country is going to elect someone as president who has such a hard time finding where the truth is in a topic. She lied to the public and she’s lied to Scott Pelley on CBS during an interview when she was asked if she ever lied to the public. Oh, by the way Hillary, the answer to the question, “Have you ever lied to the American public?” isn’t, “I’ve never tried to”. It’s “NO!” That’s the answer America was looking for.

Look, this whole episode won’t mean a hill of beans because once again, the Democrats are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the truth doesn’t matter, only politics matters. The ends justifies the means regardless what it takes to get there. And with so much riding on this year’s presidential campaign, expect the dirty tricks, the voter fraud, the dead voters to come to the forefront once again. Truth doesn’t matter in the Democrat party. Only a win.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “More Email Problems…

  1. The most favorite tactic liberals use is projection, accusing the other side of doing the very thing that you are guilty of yourself. It’s their go-to trick to try and cause distraction. You nailed it when you mentioned them uncovering Hillary’s vast conspiracy to get away with breaking the law. So she’ll keep trotting out the worn out vast Right wing conspiracy stuff. I also love how the woman who couldn’t handle two phones always like to play IT Specialist in how she downplays each new development. “Security check.” Sure, Hill.

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