No Need To Wait For S.C. Nominee

There are a lot of reasons why the conservatives in America want to wait for the next president before nominating and accepting that nominee for the Supreme Court. Immigration Reform, presidential powers, and gun control are just a few of the issues up there. Voting rights is also big at the high court. But one of the keystone issues that always seem to rock the country is still in front of the court, even though it was decided years ago: abortion.

And basically speaking a 4-4 court isn’t going to decide the abortion issue. Actually, it appears the Supreme Court isn’t even going to get the chance to decide the abortion issue again. It’s being decided. Abortion clinics are disappearing faster than a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone on a hot Vermont Sunday afternoon. Since 2011 (yes…that would be during Barack Obama’s term), 162 abortion clinics have closed in this country in 35 states. There have been only 21 that have opened. Most cite the added restrictions placed on abortion clinics by Republican-led state legislatures as the reason but there are others. The outcry from the Philadelphia abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell had a lot to do with it as well, as it showed the world that abortions can indeed have a downside (other than for the child, of course).

There are roughly 1,600 abortion facilities in the US today. That’s a rough estimate, but it gives you some idea…they’re certainly not as popular (nor as profitable) as McDonalds. At this rate, in about fifty years, abortion clinics will be a thing of the past without any additional impetus from the Supreme Courts. Of course, if Planned Parenthood were to lose their federal funding, they also would have to shutter their doors, which would close a majority of those locations. Just for those of you counting, there are 650 Planned Parenthood health centers located across the country. Take away their funding and about half of them shut their doors, leading to about 1,250 abortion clinics.

The point here is that with or without a conservative replacing Antonin Scalia, America is changing its tune when it comes to abortion. More and more people are deciding against it, and abortion clinics are finding it harder and harder to stay open, and stay profitable. In the long run, that is what matters in a market-based economy. And the market is turning away from abortions as an answer. I won’t go into the reasons why that is because frankly, I don’t have the psychological expertise to deal with it, but let’s just accept the fact that they are closing for a reason. If there were such an outcry that women couldn’t kill their unborn babies any more (and other than the few women’s libbers out there I haven’t heard much), you’d see them storming state capitols all over the country. That just isn’t happening. Even California, where they’ve lost 12 clinics in five years haven’t had the screamers demanding the “right” to choose. And that says a mouthful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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