Obamacare Costing Billions More Than Thought

Who could ever argue with the thought of helping the poor and under-privileged in our country get low-cost or free healthcare insurance? Who in the world would be so callous? Who could to think that money be as cruel as is more important than the well-being of those less fortunate? Apparently suckers feel that way. Because Obamacare has become a rife stomping ground for fraud and abuse.

Not only has the legacy item of America’s worst president failed to provide those people with anything more than another bill they can’t afford, or in the worst case, a bill the American taxpayer can’t afford, apparently the system is so full of holes, and so poorly thought out that it is filled with abuse and fraud and there is no way to stop it. Welcome to liberal politics in America!

Three agencies are supposed to be checking on the waste and fraud in Obamacare. HHS run by Sylvia Burwell, DHS run by Jeh Johnson, and the IRS run by John Koskinen. Wow, there are three mental midgets if I ever saw any! One is being touted as being impeached by the Senate. One is in constant trouble for failing at his job, and one spends more time in front of a mirror fixing her hair than she does doing her job!

According to Americans Tax Reforms.org, “According to GAO analysis of CMS data, about 431,000 applications from the 2014 enrollment period, with about $1.7 billion in associated subsidies for 2014, still had unresolved inconsistencies as of April 2015—several months after close of the coverage year.”

Want more? In Minnesota, there were 100,000 individuals that didn’t qualify for the program that were enrolled in the exchange. The error rate in Minnesota alone was 50% costing taxpayers about $271 million! That’s just one state!

Report after report cites that the various data that Obamacare is supposed to be forwarding to the various agencies for review and for certification are falling woefully short of their duties. All sorts of oversight groups are getting involved and are just totally amazed with what they find. They can’t believe the fraud and abuse that is occurring with this. Of course, they were told it would happen back in 2010. They just didn’t listen!

Obamacare has always been a boondoggle that has never lived up to its hype. It’s a wealth transfer mechanism designed to give “healthcare insurance” to the poor and under-privileged, which it does, but it fails to do what really needs to happen. It needs to provide medical services to those folks. Just because you have insurance doesn’t matter if nobody accepts that insurance and their payments. That is precisely what is happening with Obamacare. And that is why it is collapsing under its own weight. It’s a bloated idea with no proper oversight that costs the American taxpayer trillions of dollars. Welcome to your legacy Mr. President!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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