Want To Know WHY America’s In Trouble?

I often sit and wonder why Americans can be so stupid that we would have elected Barack Obama as president. Then I watch on TV as one woman in New Orleans asks him for a new kitchen for her home, and he responds that he’ll see what he can do (she never got it). Another woman in Detroit was all excited as she and a neighbor were “going to get some of that free Obama money”. It was like they won the lottery. They had no idea where that money was coming from, nor how they were going to get it. Hell, I don’t even think they knew WHERE to go to get it…but I could be wrong.

Early in my career I invested in some commercial real estate. Actually it was a four-unit apartment building on Toledo’s East Side. Now, if you’ve ever seen MASH, you probably heard Klinger talk about Tony Packo’s. It’s a real restaurant and they have really good hot dogs. The original restaurant is on Toledo’s East Side. But it’s not in a very good neighborhood. My building was a block from there. I had a guy killed on my front porch in a drug deal gone badly. Mind you, he didn’t live there…he was just selling drugs there. Anyway, three of the four units were “Section 8”, which meant the rent was paid by the government…it was low income housing. And those women (typically welfare mothers) knew how to milk that system better than any lawyer I ever met. They could tell you the best time to file, what to say to get the most money, everything.

We’ve reached a point in this country where people don’t want to work for their wealth. They want everything handed to them; because they are afraid they’re going to miss Ellen or Oprah on TV if they have to work. And so it comes as no surprise that when polled, 54% of Americans think the world has a better view of the United States today. In 2007 when that question was asked, the number was 48%. I don’t have any idea where those people are getting their drugs, but I’d LOVE to find out! They must be seeing rainbows and unicorns. The poor are in worse shape now than they were in 2008. There are more people living below the poverty line now than in 2008. More people have gotten out of the work force to such a degree that it’s the lowest it’s been since 1973! That by the way for the mathematically challenged among us is 43 years!

In truth, the world doesn’t have a better view of us. They think we’ve lost it, and we have. We aren’t leaders. We aren’t there to help our allies. We wait for Russia to come to their aid. We draw meaningless lines in the sand that we erase as soon as we draw them, and we take way too long to defeat a grand total of 30,000 fighters known as ISIS. A smart government would go in with full force and shut them down in two weeks…killing all of them. Guantanamo? Doubtful that would ever be an issue. Immigration reform? Done. Perpetrators would be sent back to where they came with a tattoo and anybody caught coming back with that tattoo would be penalized. Do it the right way or rot in jail.

THAT is the America that leads and that the world views best!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Exactly right! The thought is why work, when I can just play the system. For those of us who choose to work, the regulations, the rules, the laws are all stacked against anybody that actually wants to work.

    • It’s amazing to me Steve, that people with such little intelligence on stuff that matters are downright experts and understand the welfare laws better than the people that wrote them. I guess it’s what matters to them, huh?

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