Melissa Click Has A Bad Day

You remember Melissa Click, right? She’s that uber-left wing nut job who during all of those campus protests last fall was seen asking for “muscle” to help remove a student reporter who was covering a campus protest at the University of Missouri. Remember that? Video of the event went viral and Click was fired as a temporary speaker in the well-thought-of Journalism School at Mizzou. Well, she had a bad day on Thursday.

The University of Missouri fired her. Oh, it wasn’t because she was asking for “muscle” to get rid of a student reporter that was half her age and probably agreed with her with her politics. It was because she ALSO was blocking a road later during Homecoming Week, and swore at a cop that was trying to maintain traffic on that road. Let’s see…I think the term was, “While Miss Click has a right to her viewpoint, she didn’t demonstrate the policies of the University in her actions” or something similar to that. Basically, the regents at the school decided enough was enough.

And so, you have yet another liberal bounced from yet another liberal institution for being liberal. Hmm…you think that maybe there’s something wrong with the liberal mindset that forces these people to go off the rails? I think the farther we get down this road as a nation, the farther right and left we go. The swing is very evident. Twenty years ago, we’d NEVER be considering a socialist candidate for president. OK, the vast majority of us wouldn’t be. I mean, Gus Hall ran for president a million times on the Communist Party ticket back in the 70’s and 80’s…but he only got like 3,000 votes nationwide. And the socialists didn’t fare any better.

This lady’s brain is wired differently than most of America. And yes, while she has a “right to spout off her brand of garbage”, she really crosses the line. There’s something not quite right in her mind. She needs to be asking people “Do you want fries with that”, rather than poisoning the minds of America’s youth. We see that too often in teachers and professors these days. I’m not against them having a viewpoint different from my own…I think you know by now I’ll joust with anyone anytime. But I draw the line when it comes to pouring filth and garbage and radical shit (from both sides of the spectrum) into the brains of impressionable young people. That’s taking it too far.

Melissa Click got exactly what she should have received last fall. Her actions were way out of line for one that is supposed to be a highly regarded and respected member of a University faculty. She was acting more like a spoiled teenaged girl that didn’t get an invite to the popular girl’s birthday party. Melissa Click needs to find a new career, preferably one that doesn’t involve people skills. She’s proven that she really doesn’t excel in that venue.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. She really is a nut job. The road she was blocking during homecoming was the entry to the football stadium, and she was specifically blocking the way of a School administrator. He is no longer there…….but you don’t do that to one that gave you the job. She is one of those goofballs that just stirs things up and really has not specific cause, no logic……just a pain in the ass; kind of your typical liberal professor.

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