Why #SoWhite Oscars Will Proceed

There has been a lot of bally-hoo about the Oscars this year. Apparently blacks are upset because they weren’t nominated enough. They called racism and demanded that all blacks boycott the event (even though Chris Rock is hosting it). It really hasn’t worked, and it really won’t work. Hollywood is Hollywood, and I seriously doubt that anything is going to change.

The first thing that you have to understand is, that we, as Americans enjoy going to the movies. It’s a nice pastime. But when it comes to the Oscars, those protesting are wasting their time. When 1,100 Americans were asked if the Oscars were important, only 7% said they were very important. 62% said they weren’t important at all. You wonder why these award show’s television ratings are in the toilet year after year? Nobody wants to hear overpaid stars of film, television, and song complain about something they know nothing about. I got tired of watching the Oscars years ago when everybody was complaining about one thing or another about politics. Now, they have a right to their opinion, just like I do or you do. But frankly, they don’t read my blog, and I don’t care to listen to their rants. That’s called TRUE freedom of choice!

When you have so few people interested in such a “big deal” such as the Oscars, it tells you something. They’ve lost touch with the public. There was a time a long time ago that I made it a point to watch every Oscar nominated movie for Best Picture. Then they started nominating really crappy movies that nobody ever goes to…you know the type…they’re six hours long and boring as hell. I don’t go to the movies to be bored. I go to be entertained because that’s what movies are. And lately, I don’t go to the movies at all, because there are so few of them that interest me. I’d prefer to wait until they come to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

I know that’s not the case with everybody, and I’m fine with it. I frankly don’t watch award shows because they don’t matter. Who won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2010? How about the People’s Choice Awards for Best Comedy on TV last year? Anybody remember who got the Tony for Best Revival of a Musical with a cast of 100 or more two years ago? You get the point. We’re overloaded with award shows, and the networks love them because it’s basically free programming. Even if they don’t get a ton of audience, they can still rake in the dough because it costs nothing to air them. Try blowing up a dozen cars like NCIS: Los Angeles does every week. THAT gets expensive!

If people were interested in whether blacks were fairly represented in Hollywood, people wouldn’t go to the movies. People would be protesting. That’s not happening…because people have a LOT more to worry about in their lives than soothing the egos of black movie stars. Give me a break!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!