Hillary Isn’t The ONLY One With Email Problems

There’s been a ton of problems with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Forget for a minute she’s a really bad candidate. Forget for the moment she’s shrill, and bitchy. Forget for a minute that she lies to every crowd she speaks to. Her main troubles at the moment are she could very well be indicted, or at the very least referred for criminal indictment to the Justice Department over her email server and her emails. But she’s not alone.

Eric Holder, the racist former Attorney General also seems to have a problem with that particular issue.

Holder, who always liked to portray himself as holier than thou while running Justice, apparently wasn’t as holy as everyone thought. He apparently didn’t want to send emails with his real name on it, so he used an alias…Lew Alcinder. Now, if you happen to be over the age of say, 50, you probably remember Lew Alcinder as the real birth name of one Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the great center of the LA Lakers in their hey-day. It seems the racist Holder was a huge NBA fan (not surprisingly), and was an even bigger fan of the Laker great. There were over 500 pages of heavily redacted emails that were sent due to a FOIA request to see if the rumor about Holder was true.

The issue here isn’t about Holder. It’s about the entire Obama administration. It’s pretty clear that the misuse of government emails to hide someone’s true intentions or feelings have been pretty rampant. That in and of itself is disturbing, but what’s even more-so is the fact that this practice was pervasive throughout government during Obama’s tenure. He obviously communicated to someone as high up the food chain as his Attorney General, and he obviously knew of Holder’s (and Clinton’s) email issues. The fact Obama let it continue without putting his foot down says volumes about his abilities to run a branch of government. It is what we’ve thought all along. The man is not capable of leadership in any sense of the word.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that Holder and Clinton are not the only ones ever to misuse their emails. They weren’t the first to ever get caught with classified or even top secret documentation where it didn’t belong. But the mere fact that it seems to be so pervasive in this administration is alarming. Its cover-up is Nixonian in nature, and if what Nixon did was an impeachable offense (and it was…no getting around that), what Obama is doing is also impeachable. Now, the House doesn’t have the guts to impeach him during the last few months of his term…and the Senate doesn’t have the votes to convict him even if he was impeached (which makes the whole exercise a moot point). But history will show that Obama’s administration and failure as a president is unparalleled in American history. Last year, I ranked the presidents from top to bottom, and Obama fit in right at the bottom of the chain very nicely. In fact, it really wasn’t even close. His total disregard for the constitution, his inability to work with congress and to operate the Executive Branch in any semblance of a responsible manner has been clearly lacking from day one. The man is a loser. Always has been. Always will be.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!