Of Course Obama’s Fiscal Policy Is Working!

To hear the president tell it, all is right with the world. Oh, we’ve got some problems in the Middle East, but isn’t it up to them to take care of? And yes, Crimea got taken over by Russia in basically what amounted to a bloodless invasion. And the eastern half of Ukraine is slowly going back to Russia as well in, well, a lot less bloody coup.

But our economy is just humming along. Why, since Obama took office, he’s added ten million jobs to the economy! Yes, we’ve got some work to do, but that’s only because those damned Republicans in congress don’t want to spend $6 trillion on a new public works program that would allow all of Mexico into the US as permanent unionized workers with voting rights in general elections.

The problem here is simple. Our president is delusional. He doesn’t understand that his fiscal policies aren’t working. Or, worse yet, maybe he DOES understand they’re not working, and he’s just trying to convince the rest of us…or at least the low hanging fruit…that everything is just grand. Well, it’s not grand. In fact, we’ve now gone a record ten years with economic growth in this country under 3%. That has NEVER happened. Let me repeat that. We’ve never EVER had a ten year period since they started keeping records, where our economy has grown under 3% per year. EVER.

Oh…and just so you liberals out there think I’m making this up, you can go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis and check it out. They’re the ones that released the data. And for those of you that think the BEA’s data stopped BEFORE the Great Depression, you’re wrong again. They started keeping track of this in 1929 (yeah, the year of the big stock market crash and the start of the Great Depression). If this doesn’t solidify that Bobo Obama isn’t the biggest buffoon in US history, I don’t know what does. These are not facts open to opinion or argument (though Bobo and his minions may want to), these are facts. This is truth. You don’t argue with truth…the science is in, the debate is settled. Period.

And just for you history nuts out there that are always wanting to compare…the longest stretch that our country went prior to this ten year period was from 1930 to 1934 (during the Great Depression), when it failed to hit the 3% mark. Want some more fun facts? From 2010 to 2015, our annualized growth failed to reach 2.5%! Now, how is Obama going to blame that one on George W. Bush?

The main point to take away from this is that liberalism doesn’t work. It never has. The problem with it is you always are trying to spend more money than you have. And whether you’re managing your home’s budget or a federal budget, if you do that long enough, bad things happen. We’re seeing the results of that right now. Thanks Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Of Course Obama’s Fiscal Policy Is Working!

  1. Well Desert. you may know more than me about communications but you seem really, really thin on macroeconomics. Aside from your usual liberalism doesn’t work mantra, your analysis is based on one source which hardly proves your point. Time to look at the big picture, which is what economics is all about (I know about microeconomics also, but not germane at the moment).

    Has the growth been anemic, yes it has and I admit it, but why? While you make a ridiculous comment regarding Obama’s public works projects that somehow let Mexicans into the country, a little xenophobic aren’t we, you miss the point of the public works. Our infrastructure blows, roads, bridges, dams, etc. are an embarrassment to us and the world. As you are aware, I just came back from a five week tour of medieval cities in Europe. Their roads are terrific and well maintained, although I still don’t get the cobblestone thing in pedestrian areas. The railroads are exceptional and a great way to travel. Even Ryan Air, which takes a lot of flack was better than any American carrier I have flown. True, it is not publicly run but is an example of how backwards America really is now.

    The Republicans in Congress have done everything imaginable and some things unimaginable to stymie Obama’s agenda on public works. This has hit the middle class, which the Rethugs seem to hold dear while fucking them over. My experience, which you know is extensive in this area, is that road contractors are mostly family run businesses, even some of the largest. The public works would not only repair our seriously broken infrastructure, but also put money in the hands of people who will spend it.

    The banks, after getting their honky white asses bailed out by us, were essentially getting free money from the Fed discount window, assuming that your readership knows what that is for. The government, Bush at the time, thought they would lend it to get the economy moving. WRONG, these hyenas paid themselves bonuses and did stock buybacks. The bad news is that if these clowns fuck up again, and they will, we are obligated to bail them out again as there is a statute for that. Time for Congress to grab their nuts and break these banks up before they crater the world economy again. You need proof, the $4 billion JPMorgan Chase lost a couple of years ago via the “London Whale” and Jamie Diamond had the balls to tell Congress that he had everything under control. Really?

    Obama and the Fed have prevented a serious long term recession and possibly a depression with their fiscal policies. Speaking of Europe, they opted for austerity and went into a deep recession with negative growth for a few years. Now the ECB is doing Quantative Easing as a new policy to pump money into the economies. As I said last year, too little, too late as they are now moving to negative interest rates and deflation. Who’s the man now?

    Conservative policies, which you espouse, are a disaster, look at Kansas and that idiot governor, Sam Brownback. He essentially instituted the Laffer Curve policy and Kansas is deep fiscal shit. The legislature is considering raising taxes as they have a huge deficit now and future projections are grim. You may not like it but Saint Ronnie of Cluelessness had to abandon supply side economics, another stupid their that didn’t work, and went to deficit spending for the military and R&D for Star Wars defense. Holy Crap, Ronnie believed in Keynesian economics!!!! That is how we grew in the 80’s not trickle down economics, which the Rethugs are still hawking today. Wake up America, these chicklet heads are not looking out for your best interest!

    Take back America, vote Democratic!

    • Actually, I know quite a bit about macroeconomics as well…enough to know that yes, you do need some governmental intervention on infrastructure. That’s not the problem. The problem with Obama has been his incessant need to take over everything in American life and give it over to the government. Unfortunately, that does not work. You mention the Laffer curve? What about taking a look at places Dems have controlled. Talk to me about Chicago, Detroit, New York, LA, California, Philadelphia, Toledo…all Democrat strongholds for decades, and all in the crap house when it comes to their fiscal house. You can’t leave a big boy’s job to someone who doesn’t understand the first thing about economics…you can’t spend what you don’t have for a long period of time without having to eventually pay the piper. I guess your party was out back getting high when that class was taught???

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