Do We Have A Choice This Year?

I am sitting here this morning, reading all the dirt on the political candidates for president, and I’m asking myself that very question. Do we really have a choice this year? This is one of the few times, and there have only been maybe three or four in my life, where I’ve looked at the people running for president before the convention and thought, “I really don’t like any of them”. That seems to be the case today.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Donald Trump: He’s a megalomaniac. He’s brash. He has no manners. He’s argumentative, and he’s about as unpresidential a candidate as we’ve ever had. OK…maybe the guy that ran a “front porch campaign in the 1800’s (and no…I’m not talking about Thomas Jefferson) was a little more so. He has no couth, and is a big mouth that loves to hear himself talk. I am having a problem seeing him in the White House for anything other than a state dinner being thrown for some visiting head of state. Somehow, I can’t see Donald Trump as president. You can’t look across the table at the Imam’s and Ayatollahs of Iran and tell them, “You’re fired”. It just doesn’t work. And he hasn’t done anything on the campaign trail to dissuade that argument.

Ted Cruz: Yeah, I’ll admit he’s wicked smart. I’ll admit he understands the constitution better than anyone else in the field, and I’ll admit he’s by far the best lawyer and debater of the bunch. But I also think he’s a little slimy. I’m inclined, without knowing all of the facts admittedly, that he’s not entirely truthful nor trustworthy, and I’ve got this gut feel that there’s just something about the guy that I don’t like. Maybe that it’s he’s buddied up to Glenn Beck who has a lot of his own problems, and is facing a really large defamation of character lawsuit this summer. Cruz has some good things going for them, but why do I feel so creepy about the guy?

Hillary Clinton: This is one of the candidates you’d hope would just decide it wasn’t right for them and go away. I thought we were through with her in 2000 when they left the White House. Oh, I could take her as a Senator because you can’t really do a lot of damage as 1% of a body. She did a lot of damage as Secretary of State, tearing Libya apart, the Russian “re-set”, Benghazi, yeah…she’s not leader. She’s a pathological liar, and even her supporters won’t deny it. She’s untrustworthy, brutally focused on whatever she’s aiming for (not always a bad thing), and has a myriad of other problems as well. The word is, and this is just a highly sourced rumor…she has a rather severe drinking problem, and she’s got major health issues (think stroke). I’m not against electing a woman to the White House. I’m against electing THIS woman to the White House.

Bernie Sanders: Here’s a guy that should be fishing or hunting in Vermont. What the hell is he doing on the campaign trail? He’s 74 years old. He’s an avowed socialist, which plays well in his home state, but not well most other places (Madison, Wisconsin may be the exception), and while he is by all accounts honest and probably the most presidential acting candidate in the field, even his most ardent supporters say there is no way in hell he can get elected even if he does beat Hillary for the nomination. Well, why would you nominate someone like him then? Enough said!

I can’t sit at home on Election Day. I’ve never done that and I won’t. But it’s looking more and more like if it’s one of those four, I may have to hold my nose when I vote. Unless those rumors of Paul Ryan and a brokered convention are true…but then the GOP is breaking itself apart. Fun times coming up this summer… Make lots of popcorn…it’s going to be a LONG show!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Obamacare Fail

The Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan run office that “scores” various bills and looks at the future of those bills and what they will do. They did the same thing a few years back with Obamacare. I 2013, the CBO told the world that in 2016, just a scant three years up the road, Obamacare would be responsible for 201 million people having private healthcare insurance in 2016. Well, here we are in 2016, and apparently the CBO was a little aggressive in its figuring. They missed the mark by 24 million people.

This is where it gets interesting. I’ve said all along that Obamacare has had two faults. The first is it pretty much cancelled as many people from their individual policies as it brought new people into the program. And it also proved the point that having insurance isn’t the same thing as having medical access…as people have had to drive hours to the nearest hospital that accepted McInsurance. Well, it turns out that if you look at the numbers, the first part of that equation is dead on.

In 2013, the CBO said that 186 million people would be insured if we DIDN’T have Obamacare…160 million would have insurance through private employers, and another 26 million would have private individual insurance. The CBO says that WITH Obamacare in 2016, we have 177 million people insured. 155 million through employer-based insurance, 12 million through Obamacare exchanges, and 9 million more on individually purchased plans (there was a one million person rounding error). Even those of us without a mathematics degree can tell that that would be 9 million LESS people WITH Obamacare than without it. And that has been my argument all along. The numbers just didn’t add up.

So why the big push? Simple. If you look at the number of people that went on Medicaid (the lower income insurance plan), the numbers there have basically doubled during Obamacare. The whole thing has been a ruse to expand Medicaid. The only problem is there are cuts being made to Medicaid which means that there are fewer dollars to spread around twice as many people. And you wonder why people have hated this idea since its inception? The math never added up.

Note to Nancy Pelosi: We’ve now seen the bill, now that you’ve passed it. We don’t like it, and we’re going to make sure it gets repealed!

And to the few people that are actually insured now that weren’t insured before…as I’ve said all along, we could have paid your total healthcare premiums for the best plans out there for the rest of your life for what we’ve wasted on Obamacare. This is just another example of liberal politics gone awry. When government sticks its nose into areas where business is being run, government always ends up screwing up the whole program. And this is just another example of it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Banning Muslims

There is an overwhelming majority of Americans that are in favor now of banning Muslims from entering the United States, in light of the recent attacks in Lahore, Pakistan, in Iraq at a soccer stadium, and in Brussels, Belgium all in the last week.

71% feel that there will be a major attack in the United States in the coming months. That includes Democrats, who are starting to be on the other side of the fence from their president, Bobo Obama, who is still convinced that it’s not a Islam thing, it’s a terrorist thing. Unfortunately for Bobo, most Americans feel its the same thing.

At some point, the White House has to understand what the problem is, and they have to deal with it. Maybe it’s not this president that has to deal with it, but the office of the president will have to. If it’s Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders sitting behind the Resolute Desk, they will have to decide whether or not to ban Muslims from entering this country. And to tell you the truth, I’m torn.

I’ve always been a proponent of bringing people legally to America. That’s how our great nation has been built. But I’m totally against anything that would introduce terrorism into the mix. If that means that we have take Muslims out of the equation for a while, so be it. If that means we have to build a wall on our southern border to stem the tide of illegal immigrants who feel they have this right to enter our country because we have a better country than they have, so be it. I’m not for totally banning all Muslims forever…but it seems that all of the terrorist plots around the globe right now seem to be coming from one religion. When that’s the case, you DO have to profile. You are an idiot if you don’t. And political correctness be damned. When our safety is at stake, when Americans are being killed just because they are American, then I say you have to take whatever means is necessary.

Throughout history we’ve seen this type of behavior from various religions, and yes, Christians have been guilty of it as well. It was called the Crusades. But it was in response to Islam’s Caliphate. And we saw what happened when Muslims (and Moors) tried to take over Spain. Anybody remember Queen Isabella? Same one as funding the Columbus trip to the New World. She and her hubby were the ones that repelled the Moors from Spain.

It isn’t a bad thing to protect your country. And frankly, if you find that it’s being done by one religion, you have to take whatever steps necessary, up to and including banning that religion. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t know another religion that actively promotes the killing of non-believers as Islam does. Oh, maybe some voodoo cult somewhere, but I’m talking mainstream religion. It doesn’t happen…nor should it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Journalists Hit Back…

You see it time and time again. There is this on-going love/hate relationship between the press and the president of the United States. It doesn’t matter what party he’s from, it’s there. Oh, they love the Democrat presidents for a while, but sooner or later, the president does something that is stupid and pisses off the press, and then the love/hate becomes loathing. Barack Obama has taken that to a new low.

Obama lost the press entirely after the AP wiretapping scandal and the scandal involving Fox News’ James Rosen. He showed total disdain for “Freedom of the Press” in both instances, and was routinely flogged in the press for that disdain. Well, he’s at it again.

Bobo loves to try and lecture his way through topics, and decided that he would slap down the media for their perceived bias in reporting (or lack of reporting) on Donald Trump. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that when you’re running for president and you’re only spending a few million dollars compared to your rivals hundreds of millions of dollars, you’re getting a LOT of help from the media. And there isn’t a day that goes by that Trump’s face isn’t plastered all over the internet, or TV and his voice is all over the radio. Let’s face it. The man is a genius at controlling a story and controlling the media. Were he a Democrat, Bobo would be all over him and loving the media for the coverage. But alas, they’ve got a different set of candidates…one that is a pathological liar and is facing FBI investigations for criminal activities and one that’s a 74 year old avowed socialist. Not exactly the stuff a media love-fest is made of.

Instead Obama lambasted the media for paying attention to “rapped the news media for what was superficial reporting and an unwillingness to refute untrue statements from political figures”. Of course, he was referring to Donald Trump. Well, Bobo…thems politics. You got your love fest eight years ago when you sought office and Trump is getting his now. Whether or not either of them were valid is something for history to decide decades from now, but you had the same treatment from the press that The Donald is getting. The only difference is, you couldn’t make the statements and attacks that he is making and get away with it. You would have been roundly drummed out of the race had you pulled what he has pulled. And the reason? Barack Obama and his individualistic, tyrannical, “me-first” attitude. If Obama and the Democrats hadn’t run the government in such a rough-shod manner for six years, not doing a damn thing in Congress and letting Obama rip up the constitution, we wouldn’t be having a Bernie Sanders or a Donald Trump candidate this year. They’d be back at their day jobs in anonymity. But it’s because of Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi that we’ve got the mess we’ve got. And the reason you’ve got Sanders and Trump doing as well as they are doing is because the country is sick and tired of the crap and we want it changed. It’s that simple Bobo…no lecture needed. It’s your fault.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The GOP’s Inside Game

Forget the primaries. It’s no longer about delegate count. It doesn’t matter who has the lead when they get to Cleveland this July. And no, I’m sorry to say that if you’ve already voted in a Republican Primary somewhere along the way, you probably aren’t going to have your voice heard. The “inside game” has already begun, and it looks like Ted Cruz is going to be the winner of it.

The “inside game” is what happens when you get everybody to show up at a convention and nobody has the majority of delegates. Cruz already realizes that there is no way in hell that he can amass the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot. And he’s banking on the fact that the momentum appears to be shifting his way. If he were to win the majority of delegates from this point forward…or even come close to it…Donald Trump would also not have a majority of delegates come July. That makes it a contest convention. And while Trump was having rallies and smiling, and calling Cruz “Lying Ted” in his Tweets, Cruz was busy playing the inside game of meeting with GOP leaders all over the country, and trying to twist the arms of the delegates not for the first round ballot, but for the subsequent ballots. He appears to be winning the inside game.

Trump is coming late to the party. Base it on the fact he’s not a politician, and he doesn’t understand the inside game of politics as well as he understands the inside game of real estate. And being late to this party is the same thing as conceding. Unfortunately for Trump, it probably means that once he gets to Cleveland, he’s going to find that the rules committee is going to be overly-stocked with Cruz people. Now, you and I won’t see anything about that on the election coverage, but it’ll be very important. The rules committee is the group of folks that decides how things run once the convention starts. Cruz could also very easily be out-voted by over a million votes, but end up with more supporters inside the convention all than Trump has. Again, it’s all because of what the rules committee decides.

What’s Trump’s response to all of this? Well, he was kind of pissed when he learned what was going on. He’s a pragmatist, and doesn’t like to lose, but he also doesn’t like to get beat through the back door, and that’s exactly what Ted has done to him. So, while it may appear that Trump is coming close to the nomination, will it really matter once the convention starts? That’s going to be the 1,237 delegate question!

We won’t be reading a lot of press reports about the inside game. We won’t be seeing the news anchors talking about it on the nightly news. We won’t be reading about it in the newspapers or online. But trust me, it’s probably going to be more important than what you and I think about this race, or how we voted. And it’s all politics.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Castro’s “Obama Slapdown”

You gotta love the hypocrisy of liberals. I mean, they TRY to do the right thing. In fact, they don’t even care if they accomplish that which they set out to do. It’s the attempt that is important. They pat themselves on the back just for the intent. Don’t think that’s true? Look at your kid’s Little League “Participation Trophy” he/she probably got last year. Where did that come from? When I was a kid, the only trophy you got was because you won something. Nobody ever cared about making all of the participants “feel better about themselves”.

But apparently, that message never made it 90 miles south of Miami. Fidel Castro apparently was not impressed with Barack Obama’s attempt at improving relations with Cuba. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he was downright pissed about it. Obama did not meet with the aging revolutionary when he was in Havana last week, but Fidel responded to Obama’s visit with an article in the newspaper, El Granma. In the article, Castro took exception to a lot of what Obama said in his speech to the nation. And apparently, it wasn’t as well received as we in this country were led to believe by the media. Castro lambasted the president on several fronts from Apartheid to bringing the gift of normalized relations to the island nation.

And this shows an important point that liberals fail to realize. Not everybody, even people that are of the same “socialistic” mindset, feel that what they do is correct. It’s once again, another Obama over-reach. Just like the apology tour seven years ago, or the Iran Deal, or the Syria foreign policy (or lack thereof), or the Iraq pullout, or the Afghanistan “surge”, or the Trans Pacific Partnership, there are many flaws in this president’s “good intentions”. He wants the world to thank him for a job he feels was well done. Unfortunately, the world feels differently. The world feels he’s been weak, has waffled on positions, has drawn meaningless red lines in sand and hasn’t had the guts to back up his actions. In fact, it’s not just conservatives in this country that think that. World leaders all feel that way. Recent world-wide polls suggest that 82% of the world’s leaders surveyed feel that Obama has been the worst president of their lifetimes. That certainly gives credence to what I’ve said here all along…the man has been an utter failure.

Fidel Castro is just the most recent example of a leader that has slapped Obama down for his callous and incendiary thoughts. Even someone as far left as Fidel Castro understands that the man’s actions are well behind his words, and doesn’t buy into the American left’s notion that attempting to have great relations with the world is the same thing as actually winning the respect of the rest of the world. There is a difference, but unfortunately for the rest of us in this country, our president doesn’t seem to understand that.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Bernie Catch Hillary?

The big question on the Democrats’ side of things is “Can Bernie actually catch Hillary?” And while that’s a really a possibility, and there actually IS a path for Sanders to win the nomination, the world seems focused on the GOP and its path to destruction.

But think about this for a minute. As I’ve said elsewhere for a long time, if Hillary gets “referred” for indictment, it won’t matter with the Dems one bit, but it will for the general election. That may be enough to peel off a few of the “Super Delegates”. The real question is will it be enough to make a difference? I am not ready to provide an answer to that. My gut tells me it won’t because Democrats are loathe to think their candidates can do any wrong, while the GOP is a little too quick to throw their folks under the bus.

With Sanders winning the three-state-Trifecta over the weekend (Washington State, Alaska, and Hawaii), he only picked up 19 more delegates than Clinton. That means at this point (without the Super Delegates), Hillary has 1236 of the 2383 needed. Sanders on the other hand with his sweep on Saturday now has 978. It’s a lot closer than the Democrats feel comfortable with! That total does not include the additional 476 Super Delegates aligned with Hillary and 26 aligned with Bernie. Now, there are still 16 more states left to vote for the Dems, all of them proportional, but if Bernie wins the majority of them in the strategy he’s looking at, and he is able to peel away some Supers, he CAN win the nomination outright. Think Donald Trump is the GOP’s worst nightmare? Bernie Sanders getting the nomination over Hillary is the Democrats’ worst dream possible. They know the country is not going to elect another socialist. And Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz has basically put her career on the line to make sure Hillary gets the nod on the left. If Bernie wins the nomination with all of the rules favoring Hillary, look for all hell to break loose.

I’m not about to say that it WILL happen. I’m just saying it very well COULD happen. There’s a huge difference, and the slightest hiccup will derail the Sanders momentum train. But at this point, Hillary thinks she’s got it in the bag. She’s counting on some rather big wins when the campaign heads back to New York and the east to pick up the rest of New England, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. And Bernie is looking at the same thing, except he believes he has a way to win enough delegates to overcome his shortfall.

There are 850 delegates up for grabs on the Democrats side in April, Another 275 in May, and a whopping 933 in June (with California the big dog with 548 of them). They are all proportionate, but there is a way. Sanders needs to win 2/3 of the remaining delegates in order to secure the nomination. He can do it by winning the big states (NY, NJ, PA, CA) as well as a handful of the little states. It’s a tough road, because of the proportional awarding of delegates, but he could actually do it. And all hell breaks loose!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!