What Christie’s Endorsement Means

This past Thursday, Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for President. I was sitting at home at the time when the news flash came across my IPad. It’s not like the Kennedy Assassination or The Moon Landing where 25 years from now we’re all going to be asking where you were when you heard the news…but it does have a big impact for one specific reason.

Chris Christie is the first “household name” to endorse Donald Trump. The glass has been cracked and now, slowly at first, but certainly over time, more and more people will run to Trump’s side claiming to be his friend, his mentor in politics, and his biggest confident! It’s all hogwash.

Chris Christie is a failed candidate for president. He’s not some god or some highly sought after political mind. He was getting 4% of the vote when he dropped out. That’s not to say he didn’t have some good ideas or that he didn’t do well in the debates, he did. But it IS to say that he had 4% of the vote. He wasn’t resonating with the voters, so why the hell does it matter that he endorses anyone? It matters only because Trump was this trailblazer. He was this guy out on the trail all by himself with no real support other than the millions of ordinary citizens who agree with him and like him. That is going to change very quickly.

Come tonight, at the end of the Super Tuesday primary count, Donald Trump is going to look like the presumptive nominee for the Republicans for president. Hillary Clinton will claim that mantel for the Democrats. And the endorsements that have been sitting on the sidelines for the GOP or have gone to Marco or Ted will all of a sudden disappear. If Ted Cruz loses Texas, you will see him exit. If Marco Rubio loses Florida on the 15th, you will see him exit. If John Kasich doesn’t win Ohio and Michigan in the middle of the month, you will see him exit. That’s going to leave Ben Carson and Donald Trump? Are you kidding me? Actually no…that’s what it’s going to mean. And you’re going to see the Republican Party that has been smashing Trump left and right, and trying to figure out any way possible to get him out of the race, slowly…very slowly at first, coalesces around him.

My hunch is that yes, Donald Trump will be the nominee at this point. I doubt there’s much the GOP can do to stop that. And I doubt there’s much they’d really want to do. Oh, he may not be “establishment”, he may be “an outsider”, but he’s running as a Republican. And at the end of the day, the question is, “Would you rather have Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as your next president?” It seems to me that’s a pretty easy question to answer, wouldn’t you agree? For all of his foibles, for all of the braggadocio, and for all of the ego, Donald Trump is a hundred times better than Hillary Clinton. Is he the next Ronald Reagan? Nope, not even close. But he’s no Barack Obama…and he’s no Hillary Clinton. And when that’s what you’re faced with, you take the least evil option. If you have to, hold your nose when you vote, but we have to vote. There is no other option!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “What Christie’s Endorsement Means

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  2. I think if Donald becomes president Christie steps in and shows lynch the door. He will become AG in the early debates when the insults were flying Christie would be the one making sense. He has skills but He missed his shot fawning over Springsteen.

    • Agreed. In fact, I’d go a step farther. If Christie were from just about any other state than New Jersey, he’d be vetted for VP. He won’t be because you need someone from either Florida, Pennsylvania, or Ohio to take the state away from the Dems.

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