Why Isn’t Al Gore Worried About THIS?

Al Gore loves to talk about the environment. He LOVES to talk about how man is ruining it with all of his carbon footprints and overuse of coal and fossil fuels. And of course, he LOVES to use his private jet to fly all over the world telling people to stop driving SUV’s as he uses SUV’s to get to his destinations once his private jet has landed. But Al Gore isn’t telling you the real truth (you knew that, right?).

For years, I’ve said on these pages, that Mother Earth is more than capable of dealing with anything we mere mortals can produce. She can produce unimaginable devastation and damage herself…millions of times that of what we are able to produce. And she herself can clean it up. Oh, it may take longer than you and I are going to be alive, but the results of the devastation are incredible.

Go back a mere 36 years to 1980, when this place in Washington State called Mt. St. Helen’s erupted. It wiped out over 240 square miles of everything in its path. Trees, roads, wildlife, buildings, people, all perished in a matter of a few minutes as volcanic dust (containing glass shards that you would breathe in, slashing your lungs to spaghetti), rock, and lava poured out of the mountain. Only half of the mountain blew up. 57 people died that day.

Want to know a dirty little secret? There is another volcano brewing just 575 miles away from Mt. St. Helen’s that would cause over 10,000 times the damage. It’s called Yellowstone National Park. It’s a “caldera”, a volcano that isn’t on a mountain. And it’s the most powerful in the world. When it goes, an area from San Diego to New York will be covered in ash. From Miami to Hudson Bay. It will wipe out Jackson Hole, WY in a matter of minutes. 70,000 people will be killed before you even hear about it on the news. And it will bring about catastrophic changes to the way we live. Our entire water supply will be gone. Our food supply gone. You can’t breathe the air for a period of a week because of the microscopic glass shards in the dust. And the temperature of the earth, something Al Gore loves to talk about dropping all of 0.1 degree Fahrenheit, will drop 10 degrees. THAT my friends, is climate change!

And it won’t be caused by you driving your SUV to your daughter’s soccer game. It won’t be caused by jets flying all over the country. It won’t be caused by coal or oil or natural gas. And it won’t be caused by the Russians. It will be natural. It has happened three times in history, the most recent about 660,000 years ago. And it averages a major blowup about every 660,000 years or so. Most scientists aren’t worried of it happening in our lifetime, but it could. There will be warning signs of course…just like there were with Mt. St. Helen’s, but it won’t matter much. Unless you’ve laid in for three years’ worth of food and water, you’re going to be stuck. And just as Mother Nature makes it happen, she will clean it up. Oh, you and I won’t be here, but it’ll happen. In 36 years, the effects of Mt. St. Helen’s are already starting to show healing. THAT is why you don’t believe Al Gore. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Al Gore Worried About THIS?

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  2. Well Desert. there things you can change and there are things you cannot change, Cutting carbon in the atmosphere you can change, volcanos you cannot.

    Let’s start with carbon and since you have some sort of love affair with Ronald Reagan, please do not bring up his ridiculous statement about trees causing pollution. It shows how obtuse and ill informed this yutz was. Any fourth grader and maybe third grader can tell you that trees produce oxygen from carbon dioxide. That said, the constant dumping of carbon into the atmosphere from fossil fuels is slowly changing the climate. Sea levels are up because glaciers and ice pack are melting at an alarming rate. The oceans are becoming more acidic from absorption of carbon, commonly known as carbolic acid. This is not speculation, it is fact. Something must done. China has realized that all those coal fired plants for their factories was not the greatest idea in the world as evidenced by the air you can see, literally, hence they had no problem with the Paris accord. Europe, as I noticed from my recent travels, is moving quicker to alternative energy, i.e., wind power, solar, CNG for vehicles, plug in stations in public for electric cars and so on. Meanwhile, back in the U.S. we blather on whether there is a change in climate and why alternative energy is not realistic, and so on. We are not exceptional, we are idiots.

    So, as to volcanos, your alleged “dirty little secret” has been in the public domain for at least ten years, but then I read a lot. I actually believe that result of the Yellowstone caldera will be must worse than what you say, not exactly nuclear winter, but more feelings will be hurt and buying the Jim Bakker three year food supply will not be enough. Actually if you have a left over fallout shelter from the 50’s, clean it out as you might need this.

    I think the purpose of this particular blog was just to rag on Al Gore and nothing else. I drive an SUV which is a hybrid. I fill this puppy up about once every five weeks and get about 33 mpg in the city and much higher on the road, depending on the terrain. I recycle and would compost (my father did and grew strawberries the size of hand grenades), but my Midwest green thumb seems to have left me since moving to AZ. I have killed three cacti since moving here. Who kills a cactus and no, I did not overwater it.

    • OK…once again…I have to throw the bullshit flag on you. Ice is NOT melting. In fact, in 2014 and 2015, the arctic ice cap (that would be the north pole for the geographically challenged) grew by twice the size of the state of Alaska! How is that shrinking? Excuse me while I snort hot coffee out of my nose reading about China. They reason they didn’t have a problem with the Paris accord was because they didn’t have to actually DO anything! They are opening a new coal-fired electrical generating facility EVERY WEEK!! Please, do your homework before making such an absurd statement. And once again, you missed the point of the blog entirely. The point was simply this: Earth has the power to produce something more powerful and more damaging than mankind could ever do, and Earth also has the power to clean up its messes. Earth is not going to be concerned with whatever little piddly-assed mess we leave behind by taking little Johnny to soccer practice in an SUV. THAT was the point of my blog. Had nothing to do with Al Gore except that he’s been wrong all these years and is making a fortune off of the backs of people he’s scared. And congratulations on killing your cacti. I was bragging about your agronomy skills the other day. Guess that’s SOMETHING I was wrong about!

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