Democrat’s Don’t Get Trump At All

Hillary Clinton has landed on the square that has her facing off against Donald Trump in the general election. While she’s gleeful about this because she sees a bunch of flaws in the man, there is something there that a lot of Democrats, including her husband, say isn’t exactly right in their way of thinking.

Hillary’s campaign will be two pronged, and will be all about showing that Donald Trump the man is against women, Hispanics, blacks, working people, and Middle America. She’s also going to try and show that Donald Trump the man doesn’t have the temperament for the job, often blowing up at those around him (like she doesn’t???). While that seems to be maybe the best way to attack Donald Trump, it may not work.

What Hillary is forgetting is that she is the least liked candidate on the campaign trail right now on either side. Her trustworthiness and honesty numbers are near zero. She has a looming FBI investigation hanging over her head, that she’s confident isn’t going to amount to anything, but it’s not her that is going to ultimately decide that. In fact, it’s not even Attorney General Loretta Lynch that’s going to decide it. It’s the American public. If it comes out that FBI Director James Comey is referring to DOJ a criminal indictment for Clinton over her email scandal and unsecured server, and her handling of top secret documents, America will indeed change its tune about Hillary…albeit ever so slightly. The Democrats…the really hard-core Dems are not going to drop her. But the independents that were leaning her way would abandon her in a heartbeat. They are thinking right now that there is nothing to it, but if the FBI says there is and DOJ does nothing about it? Well, at that point it becomes partisan, and the poll numbers drop. And in a close race, that could be the deciding factor.

The one thing Hillary is hoping Trump continues to do in the general election is make wild, outlandish statements. What she doesn’t understand is WHY he’s making them. He comes out, says something off the wall, takes away the news coverage from her for a day or two, and then re-states his position to something more mainstream, saying that he was misquoted, taken out of context, whatever the case may be. In the meantime, he’s done exactly what Barack Obama did to Mitt Romney in 2012…he’s controlled the media and taken their eye of the economy, which is what Romney wanted to talk about.

Overall, I don’t see Donald Trump as the world’s best political candidate, but I see Hillary Clinton as a terrible political candidate. I don’t believe she can undergo his relentless crushing barbs and attacks and not come through this thing looking like a shrill, whining bitch. The real Hillary is not a warm and fuzzy like her husband was. The real Hillary is calculating, shrill, and bitchy. Just ask her secret service detail!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Democrat’s Don’t Get Trump At All

  1. I found your post title extremely misleading as it seemed that you spent a lot more space writing about Hillary’s campaign instead of Trump’s. That’s neither here nor there, however.

    More to the point, it seems like the majority of your argument is based on a big “if.” Perhaps the FBI has something on Hillary, but at this point, I just don’t think anyone outside people at the FBI and DOJ really know. It’s hard to hang your hat on a huge maybe.

    I think I would have found it more interesting if the post had delved more into whether or not Trump can continue to dominate news cycles in the general election in the same way that he has in the primaries.

    • Oh, there’s no doubt Trump can control the news cycle…he’s done that his whole life. And the big “if” you refer to is actually pretty common knowledge. Democrats as a whole, don’t think there is anything to the FBI investigation, because they know what happens “if” there is something to it. Most people I’ve talked to in DC (and it’s about 2 dozen people in government, of both parties) all agree there IS something there, and the question isn’t IF, but WHAT. It’s basically WHAT will Loretta Lynch (vis a vis Obama) do with the referral. As far as it being misleading, I don’t think it was, but I thank you for your viewpoint.

      • It wasn’t misleading. I believe Hillary may be taking Trump seriously but underestimating his relentlessness. He is not and will not handle Hillary with white gloves like Bernie……he will pound her.

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