For All Those Seeking An Alternative To Trump

This is a dire warning. But it’s not the warning you are hearing from Senators in Washington DC. No, this is a warning that’s 100 times more urgent. In fact, if you are listening to Mitch McConnell, or Ben Sasse, you’re falling into a trap. Let me explain.

First of all, you need to know, I’m not a Donald Trump supporter. Oh, I think some of his ideas are pretty good, but I’m sitting on the sidelines right now. I originally liked Scott Walker, and then switched over to Ben Carson, so it’s not exactly working out for me right now. I prefer to wait. What I know for a fact is I’m not a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporter. Therefore, I will most assuredly go with the Republican nominee whoever he is.

That is the difference between Sasse, McConnell, and me. They want to have a third-party candidate to buck Donald Trump, because it’s looking more and more like Trump will be the nominee and the Washington elite just don’t want that. They want one of their own. Well, they need to be Americans first, Republicans second, and Senators with their own agenda last. Let’s take a quick look at what happens if Sasse and McConnell have their way.

Let’s fast forward to July in Cleveland, and yes…Donald Trump becomes the nominee. These clowns would get a third party person…maybe a Rubio or Cruz, or one of their own to announce a candidacy. What does that do? Well, we all know from past history, a third-party candidacy draws from one party or the other. And it almost always costs that party it draws from the election. So, people that are thinking this through to the end have to ask themselves, is Donald Trump going to be a better president than Hillary Clinton? Because if these idiots go through with their plan, you’re going to end up with Hillary as president. There aren’t enough GOP and independent voters out there to go for Trump AND a third-party guy, and still beat Hillary. It’s simple math. By doing what Ben Sasse and Mitch McConnell want, you are handing the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Is that really what you want?

So, the question isn’t, “Who can we get to run a third-party campaign?” it’s more like, “Who’s going to be MORE like what we want. The voters have chosen Trump and Clinton to run against each other. Do we really want Hillary Clinton and another four years of Obama? I think any sane person who cares for our country would have to answer that question with a resounding NO!

I don’t usually urge people to write to Senators and Representatives, because I’ve known quite a few of them in my day personally, and a letter here and phone call there doesn’t usually get the job done. But if America responded with a phone-line-melting barrage at Mitch McConnell and Ben Sasse, telling them to keep their hands off of the election it just might work. It’s worth a try!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “For All Those Seeking An Alternative To Trump

  1. Agree with you…. Most political puppets at least try to hide their strings, Rubio’s are clearly showing. He is so controlled, I have never seen a candidate so obvious. He is counting on his handlers get him elected in a brokered convention.

    • And it’s looking like the longer this thing goes, the less need there is going to be for a brokered convention. I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point it’s going to be Trump v. Clinton in November.

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