What’s Mitt Got To Do With It?

Apparently there is no more love lost between 2012 GOP candidate for president, Mitt Romney, and the presumptive 2016 nominee, Donald Trump. Once buddies (Trump DID endorse Romney in 2012 but came out against Romney after the election calling her “a terrible candidate), the pair have been on the rocks for quite some time. And now, Romney is calling Trump “a phony” and urging Republicans to “shun” him (that’s an Amish thing, isn’t it?).

What is incredibly surprising is that these “establishment” Republicans are being very short-sighted. They don’t want Trump to be the nominee because he’s an outsider? Or is it because he’s more liberal than the GOP base? Or is it for some other reason? After having done exhaustive work on all candidates on both sides of the aisle, I can tell you there isn’t a “Ronald Reagan” or “JFK” candidate out there this time around. And while I don’t think it’s as bad as Gerald Ford vs. Jimmy Carter, you get the idea.

I think it’s time for Romney, Ben Sasse, Mitch McConnell, and all of these “conservatives” to grow up. You may not get the candidate you originally wanted to be your candidate. You may have to actually settle for something other than what you perceive to be ideal. That happens to a lot of us voters out here in no-man’s land. We love a candidate and for some reason, he/she drops out then we have to scramble to find someone that’s acceptable. Sometimes we do, sometimes we settle for whomever the party ends up choosing. But in every case since I’ve been voting, the GOP candidate is better than the one the Dems put up. That WILL be the case this year as well. Only this time, we the voters have been deciding who we like, and it’s the establishment that has to settle for our pick. They don’t seem to like that arrangement quite as much.

My advice is, get over it. Deal with it and stop acting like spoiled babies. To be honest, Donald Trump wasn’t my first OR second choice…but if he’s the party’s pick, and he’s going up against Hillary, there is NO other choice. So stop being panty-wastes and grow a pair!

I don’t begrudge anyone, in the party elite or out of it to campaign for whomever they like, but for cryin’ out loud people…telling a party to “shun” someone? How do you come together in November after that? Calling someone a “phony”? Are you telling me you’re going to vote for Hillary? Or are you going to do what happened to Mitt Romney, and just stay home and not vote because he wasn’t conservative enough? That is what is tearing the GOP apart…it isn’t Donald Trump. It’s the mentality that the GOP either elects the “right” person or nobody, and damned if we’ll sit through another four years of crappy presidents in order to prove we were right. Time to grow up people…and fast!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “What’s Mitt Got To Do With It?

  1. Desert, I’ll be short and to the point here (OMG), the Rethug Establishment is going to fuck Drumpf in the end whether he has the delegates or not. Think Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

    As for the Drumpf thing, if you have not seen John Oliver’s brutal takedown of Trump last Sunday, catch a replay on HBO or I understand it is on U-Tube.

    • I know one thing for sure Snarky, the GOP has the win in the bag IF (and it’s a BIG IF), they don’t pull a Romney and stay home. Other than that, you’re right…it’s Hubert Humphrey all over again…except on the GOP side of course!

  2. I am still hoping for Cruz as more of the pretenders drop out. Not sure however that he can overcome Trump. However, sure don’t want Clinton!

    • I give you credit Steve. Unlike McConnell, Romney, and Sasse, you are smart enough to know that a bad GOP is better than a REALLY terrible Dem!

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