Marco’s Tough Call

Marco Rubio had a tough night last night. He didn’t win a damn thing…again. In fact, since he entered the race, he’s only won two states…and he’s WAY behind Ted Cruz in delegates…who’s WAY WAY behind Donald Trump in delegates. So, you’ll have to forgive Marco if he’s a little punchy this morning. It’s going to be a tough week for him.

The latest polls in Florida, which basically is a “must-win” state for Rubio now, show him down to Donald Trump by 8 points. That’s outside the margin of error in a state that he should be doing a lot better in. And he needs to if he hopes to continue in the race. The same holds true for John Kasich. Let me put it another way. If John Kasich and Marco Rubio put their delegates together, they’d only trail Ted Cruz by 150. But the difference is Kasich is looking to be the “kingmaker” at the convention in the slight chance that it’s brokered. Rubio is the odd man out. In order to be named “kingmaker” however, Kasich needs to win Ohio. A second place finish in his home state doesn’t do him any good. Neither does it do Rubio any good to finish second in Florida. In fact, there have been rumors circulating already this morning from semi-credible sources that some in the Rubio camp are telling him to get out of the race BEFORE Florida’s vote next Tuesday to escape added embarrassment.

Marco was one of the guys in this race that I really liked. As my wife said, “He’s just too young looking compared to everyone else”, which may be true, but compared to Hillary Clinton? He’s a breath of fresh air….with fresh ideas. She’s still using a playbook dated 1992.

I’m not really sure Marco or John have it in them to stay in this race more than another week. I know Kasich has been running on a very lean budget, and you can’t be a “kingmaker” on a McDonald’s budget. Somehow that just doesn’t fly. Rubio has been a consistent third in this fight and doesn’t make any move to do better. He did worse in Michigan, finishing dead last with only about 9% of the vote. There is no doubt that it’s come down to a Donald Trump/Ted Cruz main event for the remainder of the delegates, and I’d be surprised if it goes any other way. With Trump winning three of the four states last night (Cruz took Idaho), I can’t see his momentum shifting anytime soon, regardless what the “establishment” Republicans are hoping for. The guy has been in the lead in polls, and now the delegate count for 10 months. Can you name the last GOP candidate for president that lead from announce date through the primaries for 10 months? I couldn’t.

By the way…for trivia fans…the last time a Republican nominee went into the general election with no political experience? 1940. It was Indiana’s own Wendell Willkie.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!