So Sanders Took Michigan? So What?

You may have done what I did this morning when you awoke to the news that Bernie Sanders narrowly beat Hillary Clinton in Michigan in what was termed a “major upset” and a harbinger of things to come in the rust belt…with Ohio and Wisconsin coming up on the Dems slate. Actually, when you look at what it was, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

There are 83 counties in the state of Michigan. Bernie Sanders won 10 of them. He did beat Hillary by about 20,000 votes, which equated to about 2%, and he ended up getting a whopping 9 more delegates than she got. That’ll really cut into the 750 delegate lead she has over him! I bet she’s shaking in her boots on that loss! Actually, by the time the vote was announced, Clinton was in Cleveland, Sanders was in Florida.

What it does do overall is show the weakness of the Democrats. Their vote numbers overall have been below the Republicans in almost every state that’s had both parties primaries so far. The enthusiasm level when measured by attendance at rallies and through polls has been well below that of the GOP. And yet, Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tried to put a happy spin on it saying that the Democrats got fewer votes than the Republicans because the GOP started with 17 candidates and the Democrats only started with 4. Huh? Of course, that is the kind of logic I’d expect coming from someone like Little Debbie.

Hillary is NOT in trouble when it comes to the nomination…yet. Now, IF there is a criminal referral to the Justice Department, regardless what Loretta Lynch decides to do with that referral, THEN you are going to see the huge Hillary lead winnow to nothing. That’s because most of the SuperDelegates, so far about 1100 of her total delegate count, would bounce over to Sanders in an instance. Don’t forget that in 2008 when she ran, she had the SuperDelegates as well at first. Then when Obama started gaining momentum, they peeled away one by one. Soon she was left for a few dozen. Is the same thing going to happen this time around? Time will tell.

To Clinton’s defense, she DID kill in Mississippi, the only other Democrat primary on Tuesday. Of course, she pointed to the fact she got 80% of the black vote to Sanders 20% as the reason. In Michigan though, she only beat Sanders by 35% with blacks.

Hillary fans do not have to worry. She will most likely be the nominee. I have a good friend at the FBI in Washington. He tells me that the referral IS coming and that it won’t be before the convention this summer. That means that the Democrats are most likely going to have a wounded candidate on the trail, bleeding from September through the election. And just because Loretta Lynch decides not to indict doesn’t mean the new AG next year won’t decide to do the same thing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!