The Reasons Obamacare Failed

Yeah…it failed. It’s been a failure from the launch (that really blew up), and it hasn’t been what they’ve hoped it would be ever since. Even this year when the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) said that they’d need 20 million people on it in order to break even, Obamacare couldn’t get half of that… after three years of everybody supposed to be on it.

Obamacare has a couple of innate problems. First of all, it’s bad law. If you can’t say in 10 pages what you need to say, you have a bad law (see IRS Tax Code!). Second, it tried to force everybody to have insurance, and still make it affordable. The problem with that is you’ve now introduced a bunch of people into the pool that are sick and are going to increase costs significantly. The healthy, young people are not going to want to participate because…well, they’re healthy and young and have other places to spend their hard earned money. Finally, the public has learned over three years that “being insured” is much different than “having access to medical care”. Obamacare does nothing with the latter.

Obamacare set up these state-wide exchanges, basically insurance companies that were willing to accept the Obamacare mantra and get paid next to nothing for it. They were forced to charge less, get some government kickback on subsidies, and a guarantee (which was later denied) that the insurance companies wouldn’t lose money for the first five years. Half of the state-wide exchanges that were set up have gone bust. They owe hundreds of billions of dollars to doctors and hospitals and almost as much to the federal government. And today, of the fourteen that are out there, only two still exist in a viable fashion. That is far from what I would call a success.

Now, Democrats who voted for it have clamored that yes, it’s had its problems, but look at the millions more people that are now insured that weren’t before. Well, there are 9.1 million people insured with Obamacare. There were 6.5 million people that lost their individual coverage that they had purchased when Obamacare when into effect, forcing them into Obamacare. You can’t count them since they already had insurance before Obamacare. That leaves a total of 2.6 million people that went off the roles of the uninsured to the insured. And 68% of them according to the last poll taken, said it’s not worth what they’re paying for it…even though most of them are getting it free or greatly subsidized.

Obamacare is a massive failure that has cost this country literally trillions of dollars, and will suck more money out of programs that are a lot more desperately needed in the future. And for what? Insurance that fewer and fewer practitioners are accepting? People having to drive three towns over and spend an hour in the car each way to see their family doctor? A recent study showed that it was actually cheaper to have the uninsured go to the hospital emergency rooms and make the hospital eat the cost than it was for Obamacare to be in place. That means it’s been a total wasted effort.

And we think of it as just a nuisance? Think again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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