Just When She Thought It Was Over…

Hillary Clinton has always undersold her problems with her email server as just a “security check”. I doubt there are more than 12 people in America who believe her. That’s why her poll numbers suck so badly when it comes to “honest and trustworthy”. She should have come out and admitted it all last year. It would have been the best thing for her to do, hindsight being 20/20. But she didn’t. Like most politicians, she felt if she denied it, accused the accusers of being right-wing radicals, that maybe she could get away with it. She learned nothing from Watergate. Oh…wait…she got fired during that one, and wasn’t around for the conclusion. And let’s see…why was she fired? Oh…yeah…something about being dishonest?

Hillary took another barrage yesterday when it was revealed by a highly placed intelligence source that her IT Specialist, Brian Pagliano has testified and was a “devastating witness” to her case. Well, I guess that should be the case IF there was anything there to be devastating about. The problem with the whole email scandal is whether or not Hillary Clinton had anything to do with an improper and illegal email server and whether or not Hillary Clinton had anything to do with classified material in an unclassified setting. That by the way was what scuttled the brilliant career of General David Petraeus. He never served jail time (and she won’t either if found guilty), but he was placed on probation, fined heavily (if you call $100,000 a heavy fine), and his career came to an end. I think most of the country would probably find that a fitting punishment for the Democrat frontrunner for the nomination for president wouldn’t you?

Pagliano apparently has been able to tell the FBI who had access to the server, who had email addresses linked to the server, and who was able to get what information from the server. Those are the folks that are going to be in trouble. Pagliano did something smart when he refused to testify before congress a while back; he didn’t accept their immunity deal. He waited until the FBI offered it. See, had he taken the congressional immunity deal, he could have still faced federal charges by the FBI. They aren’t bound by congressional immunity. And apparently, according to this intelligence source, and one of the FBI agents that I happen to know, the evidence Pagliano has given is more than enough for Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Cheryl Mills to all be indicted. Now, that’s not saying they will. I think the chances of that happening with this president in the White House and this AG in the DOJ are very remote, but as I’ve said before, that really doesn’t matter. If they don’t indict after a referral to do so, the taint of political stink will follow Hillary right through to the election. There is no escaping that. Every single political ad by every single PAC will include the line, “Do you really want a felon in the White House?” Think about it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    • She can pull a “Keystone XL Pipeline” investigation on it and kick the can down the road to the next AG. If Hillary wins, obviously it’s a moot point. If the GOP wins, it doesn’t matter what she decides, Hillary WILL be prosecuted.

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