Pure Classless

I’m really sorry to have to say this. I truly am. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are proving to the rest of the rest of the world that they have absolutely no class whatsoever. First Obama is “too busy” watching some college basketball game to attend Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral. Instead he sends Joe Biden. And now, Hillary Clinton, who at least had the courtesy to show up at Nancy Reagan’s funeral yesterday, immediately praises the former first lady for her stand against AIDS and HIV. And of course, the far left didn’t like that (I’m surprised they even knew about it and weren’t getting ready to ambush Donald Trump in Chicago!), so Hillary did the classless thing, and recanted everything on Twitter.

These are but two examples of why this country is in the shape that it’s in. You NEVER had a president of either party before that was so partisan, so stuck on himself, so full of bullshit that he refused to go to a funeral of a sitting member of the Supreme Court. You NEVER had a former first lady that refused to pay final respects and say something nice about another former first lady at her funeral, or in this case, say the right thing, and immediately recant it when she started getting heat from her party. And they talk about right-wing nut jobs?

While we’re on the subject of classlessness, let’s talk about the city of Chicago and their protest against a bona fide albeit controversial presidential candidate. I don’t care who you are and I don’t care where you’re from, you do NOT put on the kind of display that the Bernie Sanders’ college kids and #BlackLivesMatter idiots put on in Chicago. You want to talk about classless? This was beneath even the most strident Democrats. And where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where are Eric Holder and Barack Obama to criticize what went down in Chicago overnight? Where is Rahm Emanuel and his chastising these idiots? There is no excuse nor is there explanation for this type of behavior. If you don’t like a particular candidate, I’m fine with that. I’ve made it clear there are several I’m not fond of. But for God’s sakes, be civil about it. Even the most vocal anti-Desert Musings commenter isn’t stupid enough to stand up for this garbage because I’m sure he’s got a shred of human decency and decorum.

No, the left is way out of control and needs to be reined in. I’ve got just the solution for them. We want to fight and destroy ISIS? Great! We round up these bastards and send them to the Middle East and let them take out whatever misguided frustrations they have on America on ISIS. Let’s round up the assholes and send them over with rifles and hand grenades and a week’s worth of training. Then we can hail whoever is left as heroes when they get back! That would teach them!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Oh Obama came out rather quickly to blame the Chicago chaos on Trump. That’s easy to do, but that is how Obama deals with everything; take the easy road. This is all an extension of the Ferguson mentality; same crowds only with the addition of the Bernie Sanders college brats. Its the same as what we saw at Mizzou…….. it is those that just want hand outs, don’t want to work for anything. Sanders elevated it………It landed in Chicago, where there were more Black Lives Matter, MoveOn (Whatever the hell that oxymoron means), Fergusonites, Muslims, Illegals……the perfect storm. Chicago was prime for this……..look at all the chaos they have everyday! Its overwhelming for law enforcement. I guarantee you Hillary Clinton was sitting in her hotel room watching, smiling and laughing. Like everything else this may backfire. Those that show up at these rallies, come peacefully, dress respectfully………then end up fighting back. We haven’t seen that for a long time. The Left then criticizes Trump as the instigator for people defending themselves. Ken the guy that had the letter to the editor I posted yesterday was dead on.

    • Yes it is all trumps fault, it never fails Obama must point out these things as a way to deflect from his record of division he has played the black community to death, he is silent as cities burn and completely fails to assign the blame to the true cause because the true cause is an uncomfortable reality.

      • Well, he DOES have a penchant for blaming others now, doesn’t he? I guess that’s the trait of a true liberal. If something goes wrong, it’s never their fault.

    • This is the typical liberal playbook mentality. It requires no thought. You flip to the page where it says in times of any crisis, you blame the guy with the most conservative credentials in the room. Remember the guy that shot Gabby Giffords? Remember how the left screamed at him being a right-wing nut job? Turns out he voted for HER and was a Democrat. But that didn’t shut them up…they just switched their blame to the NRA. No, there’s plenty of blame to go around for everything as long as it doesn’t end up on liberals. This is one of three things that is truly wrong with this country. No personal responsibility. No belief in a higher power. No secure family unit to fall back on to learn the first two. THAT is who to blame.

  2. Well Desert, assumption is the mother of all……. Still harping on that Scalia thing and now Nancy the Power Junkie’s funeral. Well no comment on that as nothing will change the mind of an Obama hater, like Trump supporters as he constantly lies about mostly everything.

    As for the Trump rally in Chicago last night, who was the obtuse moron in the Trump campaign that scheduled the rally at the UIC? Since you are not from Chicaga, as we say, let me clue you in to the demographics of the area. But first, let’s review some of Trump’s views on non honkies. Mexicans are criminals, rapists. murders, etc. and blacks, well, get them outta here, thugs, bums, etc. So how does this fit in? Glad you asked, the UIC pavilion is bordering a black community and a Mexican community. These are two communities that I served as a paralegal while in VISTA in the early 70’s. Considering the violence that has happened at Trump rallies recently, this, my friend, was asking for trouble. Couple that with the very good public transportation system in Chicago (Circle, as it is known) is a stop on the el and numerous bus stops. Generally the fuckwads from the suburbs, the Northwest and Sowtwest (ask we say) drove there because of plenty of parking. Are youse guys commin wit us to da Trump rally. Consequently, if Trump wanted a friendly crowd of honky, white Nazi KKK sympathizers along with the usual white ethnic knuckle draggers that I grew up with, then maybe he should have held at the Arena or whatever the mob is calling it in Rosemont as the DePaul basketball team isn’t going anywhere but home.

    Trump is an expert at fueling up crowds and when something happens he falls back to “It’s not my fault” or “My supporters are very passionate” bullshit. No, you demagogue supporters, insult people or say I want to punch him in the face and this is what happens. He orchestrates this type of behavior and then says it’s not his fault. It reminds of a scene in the Godfather where Vito Corleone says “I will not be the one that breaks the peace we made today.” That was true as his son Michael kills them all in the end.

    There is a distinct possibility we could elect the first thug president in our history. Paging Mr. Trump, the cleaners called and said that your brown shirts are ready. Inshallah, Strum Abteilung.

    P.S A Lutrell is an idiot when it comes to this post.

    • OH! I get it! People like Bernie and Hillary can go anywhere, but people like Trump can’t? Isn’t that what you’re saying? Sorry…I still thought this was a FREE country. I wasn’t aware that you can’t have a white guy going next to a black or Mexican neighborhood anymore. Geesh, I’m terribly sorry…I thought LBJ did away with segregation back in the 60’s. My mistake! While I can appreciate your concern for the safety of folks at anybody’s rally, I find it very interesting that you feel it was Trump’s fault. Certainly it couldn’t have been the Bernie Sanders fans, or the #BlackLivesMatter people that got arrested for it, right? I mean, how could sensible, clear thinking people like that ever commit a crime (now tell me with a straight face that blacks didn’t commit a crime in Ferguson!).
      As for you falling back on the line that “you demagogue supporters, insult people or say I want to punch him in the face and this is what happens”, does that mean when you call people stuff like “Nancy The Power Junkie” you’re treating them correctly? How about referring to Trump as a Nazi? Aren’t you just as guilty as what you’re accusing Donald Trump of being? Or do you get a free pass because you’re liberal?

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  4. Yes classless and this does not surprise because this is the left and they are almost lacking in common decency. Look it is not rocket science , when you are the president there are times you do even that that you don’t want to because it is the proper and right thing to do. So you miss out on some golf or miss a basketball game in order to make yourself appear engaged with the people and that you share some understanding of their emotions. Look Obama and Hillary are so self absorbed it is a wonder they can walk by a mirror without staring at themselves for a solid hour.As for the lack of class it is a constant that can be counted on and we are never denied the spectacle of a break from humanity. One question, Are we sure Snark is not Obama? Just asking because he does a lot of finger pointing himself. =)

  5. I agree. Send them all to fight ISIS however, I would equip them differently. Specifically, we explain to our Leftist troops that the ISIS guys are poorly educated and just need some self-esteem training. We provide lots of training materials to share with ISIS. We cut off all food to Syria. ISIS dies from eating Leftists. We do know that these Leftists are toxic, right?

    • Sorry Desert, but your columns on Hillary are pure speculation and not based in fact other than some sort of conspiracy theories. The ultimate question on her e-mails that never has been answered so far is were they classifies at the time they were put on her personal server or later classified. If the latter is the case, then, in my limited legal experience of practicing law without a license, she would have an ex post facto defense. I have checked out this thought with attorneys Licensed) and they believe it is a plausible defense, better than Trump’s defense that he is not responsible for violence at his rallies.

      As to my vulgarities, consider it language that angry white people class that voted Republican in the primaries understands.

      • Sorry Snarky but you replied to my comment instead of properly using the WordPress interface. Do you require instruction on how to use the interface? I’d be happy to help you use the interface, but my job went to India. Perhaps you ought to go find yourself a nice Indian to teach you how to use the internet. Have a super day!

      • If you have, as you say, limited legal expertise, you surely understand the meaning of the word “classified” and “Top Secret” in a legal sense. You understand that classification is generated at the birth of the generation and not later, as Hillary would have us believe. The whole misconception that she is trying to foist upon an unsuspecting (and ignorant) public is that she’s just this misunderstood and totally innocent girl that gee whiz got messed up in this world and now that mean old intelligence network is trying to change the rules on her. The fact of the matter (and this isn’t innuendo…this comes from my friend on the FBI who IS investigating her crimes) is that this stuff wasn’t classified after the fact. Anyone that understands how this stuff is declared classified understands that. So, please…you’re smarter than this. Either do your homework and get educated as to what is really happening here or try to foist your BS elsewhere. We all understand what it is that is going on. Don’t try to mistake us for some NEA educated slobs. If you truly have talked this over with any attorney, I sincerely doubt they have gone along with a “plausible defense” of this. Either that or they are some bottom-ranking first year law school drop out from St. Precopious of Omaha Law School for the Ill Informed.

        And with that, I rest my case. BOOM!

        Oh…and Republicans that I know don’t usually converse like that unless they are talking with former University of Missouri Communications Asst. Professors who recently have been fired.

  6. Barsharr, are we sure you are not the Syrian dictator or some right wing gerbil trumping, no pun intended, the usual Fucked News party line that all liberals, no matter what they do are pond scum? You parrot the Republican line of attacking the messenger but not the message. This tells me you are not from Chicago and do not know dick about the geography, demographics or anything about Chicago except what you read on Drudge or what the screeching harpies on Fox tell you.

    There seems to be a lot of whining on these right wing sites that if you do not have an orgasm and agree with them. just because I shine a light on your bullshit and your bullshit solutions. Do not dish it out if you cannot take. I deal in facts, more than I can say for the current crop of lying blowholes that are the Republican presidential candidates.

    I have been more accurate and truthful here than any posters or even Desert himself deals with a lot of hypothetical and unattributed alleged statements of fact. So, come with logical arguments based in fact or go home and beat off to your Trump yard sign.

    Have a positive day.

    • Just a note of correction to my misguided friend here. I do not deal with the hypothetical or unattributed statements of fact. EVERYTHING that is said, unless it’s preceded with, IMHO, or some similar statement is factual and can be attributed to a source. Unlike our rather liberal friend here that seems to like to use vulgarity as a source.

  7. Caprizchka, didn’t mean to reply privately. Hit reply and thought it would go to wordpress and after posting I wondered what happened to it. It was not intentional and I apologize, something more than Trump would do.

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