New Page In The Playbook

All of the crap that has happened to Donald Trump’s recent events has got me thinking that the Democrats have decided to add a page out of their 1968 playbook. You remember that one, right? That’s when Abby Hoffman and his buddies decided to try and take over the Democrats’ convention in, shock of all shocks, Chicago? Remember Mayor Daley saying that it was the Chicago police’s job to maintain disorder on the streets of Chicago? Well, they’ve decided to try it again. And rumor has it that George Soros, the aging dinosaur who has way too much money for his own good, is at it again.

We haven’t heard much from Soros for a while. I guess he’s been happy with the way America has been declining recently. But what happened in Chicago with the #blacklivesdon’tmatter and Sanders’ coalition trying to rush the stage on Trump has his fingerprints all over it. And it is a very telling page out of the playbook the Dems will use later on this fall…remember, you heard it here first.

Let’s fast forward past the conventions. James Comey has already made a referral to the DOJ that Hillary be indicted, and it’s being ignored (she calls it “studied”) by Loretta Lynch. And as we enter the fall campaign, Hillary is refusing to debate Donald Trump citing her “safety” as a major concern. She’s going to point to Chicago, and to the problems Trump had yesterday in Ohio as a reason. She’ll say that he can’t control his own supporters (even though they’re not his supporters), and she fears for her safety, so she can’t debate under those circumstances. She’ll be out trying to win over the cowards in the audience and get people talking about everything and anything but her unindictment….which she will still be calling a “security scan”.

And Democrats will rally the wagons around her, blaming Trump for the whole mess, even though it has Democrat operatives’ hands all over it. Any legitimate person in America with an IQ of more than 40 should understand that it isn’t the Republicans that act that way in the first place. Look at the Tea Party. Now, I’m not a Tea Party supporter, but when they held their rallies, they actually cleaned up after themselves. What happened with the anti-Wall Street movement? The place was a pig sty. Let’s face it; liberals are not typically the cleanest people on the face of the planet. So, why would we think that Republicans are going to attack Donald Trump? Hell, I couldn’t even see them HIRING someone to attack Donald Trump. That’s totally the Democrats’ playbook, not the GOP!

You now have a clear path to what Hillary Clinton plans to do this fall. And if she shows up at a rally or an event and there’s even one heckler in the crowd, you know who’s getting the blame right? It’s those damn Trump supporters and their right-wing conspiracies that are stopping me from bringing sensible and sane changes that this country needs to fix the problems we all have. That’s the playbook. That’s the Democrats’ answer. You’ve been warned.

Now, carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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