Now Wait Just A Minute!

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump yesterday, with Sanders calling Trump “a pathological liar”. Now wait just a doggone minute. Are you trying to tell me that some seventy-something geezer that has done absolutely nothing in his US Senate chamber for 25 years but turn oxygen into carbon dioxide, and a true pathological liar (by psychological definition) is calling Donald Trump names at all? Wow. Talk about a new low! This is the type of stuff I told you yesterday to expect from the Democrats for the simple reason that they love to turn the tables on the blame game.

Let’s face facts. There were two groups in Chicago that were responsible for the uprising at Donald Trump’s event. The first were a group of supporters of Bernie Sanders. Period. It’s been proven, and they’ve admitted it in many places in the media. The second is the #BlackLivesMatter group that has been harassing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail (and took over the microphone at one of Sanders’ events early on). These were the idiot thugs that were causing the problem. And this is the problem I have with liberals.

It’s in their playbook. You deny that you’re involved in anything, and then you turn the tables to the people doing the accusing. It doesn’t matter what you say about them, you just accuse them of something terrible. In this case, you’ve got a guy that up till now I thought was honest and honorable, though totally deranged as far as his political views. You also have a woman that wouldn’t know the truth if it knitted her a pantsuit. I expect this type of remark from Hillary Clinton. What I find funny is Bernie Sanders’ remarks.

For Sanders to come out with something as stupid as this is beyond insane, it’s actually disqualifying (not that he was going to win anything anyway). Here’s a guy that isn’t concerned with national security to the point that he told Hillary Clinton in the first Democrat debate that he was “damned tired of hearing about your emails”. So, translated into human speak that reads, “I don’t give a damn about national security. If you wanted to go out and send classified and Top Secret documents over unprotected servers and through unprotected, easily hackable sources, that I’m fine with that”. How stupid is that for a sitting US Senator?

And for Hillary Clinton, the Mother Superior of the False Statement, the Vicar of Scandal, to come out and say anything negative on a personal front for anyone on the Republican side isn’t just the pot calling the kettle black, it’s also a disqualifying statement. She has more than disqualified herself from running for this office. In fact, the only thing she needs to be running from is her cellmate who wants to cuddle with her.

Democrats just don’t get it. They realized early on in this race that no one was going to win from their side, so they’ve decided to play the “Bob Dole and John McCain game” and give the nomination to someone who wants it badly, but doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of winning. Their bench is so short it doesn’t even qualify for a chair. And with that, I’m done with my rant!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Now Wait Just A Minute!

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  2. I knew this was something that really riled you up because you used the word ‘doggone.’ Yes, classic projection, the Dem’s favorite tactic. Blame the other side for just what you’re doing. Heard the perfect analogy for the protester defense by Hill and Bern…….it’s the same argument as blaming a girl who dresses provocatively for being responsible for getting raped. Never mind the rape, she shouldn’t have dressed that way.

    The Trump people never should have had a rally in the first place and the protesters wouldn’t have had to show up, right? Goes to the lack of accountability for their actions by those on the Left. They have sold their souls (ethics, integrity, morals) for the sake of The Cause.

    Also, regarding that jackass that stormed the stage to get to Trump? Ridiculous for MSM outlets to be interviewing him like some sort of hero and, for those on the Left downplaying his actions, does this mean it’s open season on approaching and threatening all public figures? Oh forgot, only if they’re conservative or on the Right.

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