Hey…I Backed YOUR Guy…

I don’t mind telling you that I have over the past several elections voted Republican. It’s not that I’m a died in the wool GOP fanatic. It’s that they align themselves closer to what I believe our country should be doing than the Democrats. If a Democrat came along that better aligned him or herself with the way I feel, I would have no problem voting for them. But it’s with that in mind that I have a word of advice for the Republican “establishment”: I backed your guy when I didn’t think he was worth a pile of dog crap. Why wouldn’t you back someone like a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz if they actually win the nomination?

I can understand if David Duke were running and you didn’t want to back him…but even if he WERE, and he managed to win the nomination, that is who your party nominated. If you’re a TRUE Republican, you vote for whomever your party nominates. It may not always be the best candidate, but that’s who you pull the lever for. Can I tell you how many times I had to hold my nose when I pulled the lever for people like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney? You weren’t bitching then…so why would you be bitching now if a Donald Trump happens to win the nomination?

This is something that really bothers me regarding the GOP. It’s long been known that the Democrats don’t think We The People are smart enough to run our own lives…we need them in Washington or in the state capital, wherever that is, to decide what’s best for us. Yes, they want a nanny state for the country, and they don’t trust us to make the simple decisions. That’s the main reason why they feel that if they give you enough free stuff (like entitlement programs); you’re going to vote for them. I mean, who wants to have their free stuff taken away? The GOP has never been like that. They’ve been the people that believe in building the country through hard work and taking risks. They’ve rewarded those that have put themselves out there, and haven’t caved to giving in to the welfare moms of the world that don’t want to do anything but sit on the couch and watch Oprah. Until now.

All of a sudden, the GOP is telling us that they know better. And if it sounds like I’m becoming a Trump supporter, I’m not. It’s just that with every passing day, it becomes more and more clear that the guy is probably going to be the nominee, regardless what Ted Cruz, or John Kasich, or Marco Rubio or Reince Priebus thinks. If Donald Trump is the guy that most voters believe is going to be able to turn the country around and lead us to the Promised Land, then so be it! If it’s not him, but it’s someone else, that’s fine too. But understand “establishment” folks…I voted for your guy when I felt he was a second rate candidate. Now it’s your turn to hold your nose and vote for whomever We The People decide is best…be it the best candidate or another second rater. It’s that simple.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


11 thoughts on “Hey…I Backed YOUR Guy…

  1. You are exactly right. The Democrats idea of “let us protect you from yourself” has never worked. This idea runs contrary to what used to be what most Americans believed. I am not sure how many are left that still believe we don’t need more government. If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders gets elected we will stray even further from what has made us n independent democracy. That idea concerns me.

  2. You are right Desert, who needs clean air, clean water, pure drugs, national parks and forests, workers compensation, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, safer cars, safer roads regulated financial institutions and insurance companies, and so on. Yes, conservatives have all the good ideas like more tax cuts, guess we should like Kansas which is working out perfectly, more freedom (sounds like a ladies sanitary product), more guns but not the first part of the Second Amendment (guess that originalist interpretation championed Anton Scalia sort of evolves while nothing else does, more voter ID laws to solve a problem that does not exist, more liberty (sounds like a pet food company), repeal Obamacare and replace with……………, less of those people, get rid of those people, more unfunded wars where ever we can find them or make up (Republicans seem to be pretty good at that), privatize Social Security because Wall Street has not made enough money yet, privatize Medicare because we all know insurance companies do this better than anybody (walk a mile in my shoes the past week and find out what utter nonsense this is) and Magna Carta was enacted to take away bows from the middle class, which does sort of reflect some of the intelligence level of a lot of conservatives.

    • See, you always seem to take a decent point too far. Republicans aren’t against clean air, they aren’t wanting to take food out of kids’ mouths, or medicine out of grandma’s medicine cabinet. What they ARE in favor of is smarter and smaller government. This is because Republicans, unlike Democrats, believe that the individual in this country is actually smart enough to control their life. They don’t need a nanny state. They need some protection, yes…but they don’t need someone always holding their hands. I don’t know why liberals feel that government is the solution to every problem when government screws up more than they fix. Need proof? Look at that river in Colorado the EPA got involved with. Look at the drinking water in Flint (remember, the only person that lost their job in that fiasco was an EPA Regional Director, right???).

  3. So Desert, you are actually saying that progressive programs are good for our citizens or are you saying we should eliminate these programs? A little hard to tell.

    While I admit that the Colorado water thing is not good, the mine owner did a terrible job regarding of underground retention. As for Flint, that whole thing is a screw up by the Republican governor Rick Snyder. He brought Flint under State management, installed his hack as manager who made the decision to switch water suppliers and rammed it through a City council that had no authority to stop it. Now these bunch is saying it’s not their fault and blame EPA. Don’t jive me on this one as my travel buddy lives in the Detroit area and is keeping close tabs on this.

    I won’t go into the smaller smarter government thing as it is a collection of dog whistles.

    • Hmmm…so what you’re saying is that EPA, which loves to thrust itself in any situation larger than the mud puddle in my back yard, couldn’t have thrusted themselves into Flint? I find that hard to believe. Face it. Gina McCarthy is a major screw up. Always has been…always will be. Sometimes spots never change.

  4. The point is Desert, the governor is the person that started this and now is schucking and jiving his way into I’m not responsible mode. I hate to depart from my recent return to acceptable civility, but the governor is one lyin’ sack of shit and he and his whole fucking family should be forced to drink, bathe and cook with the same water for the same period of time as the Flint residents. Seems Republicans only seem to get empathy for others when it affects them.

    • Yeah…you’re right. Gina McCarthy was very quick to offer her resignation over the Colorado disaster (which effective many more times the people than Flint did), as well as the Flint mishap. Tell me EPA does wonders for our society. Go ahead…I’m listening!

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