How’s That Iran Deal Workin’ Out For You?

Note to Obama: How’s that Iran Deal workin’ out for ya?

My hunch is that someone in the White House is probably having second thoughts about doing a nuclear deal with Iran right about now. It’s just a hunch, but when Iran test fires ballistic missiles in violation of the UN sanctions that are currently in place (no…the UN didn’t lift all of their sanctions), and the Iranian leadership thumbs their nose at the rest of the world by putting “Israel must be blown off the face of the earth” in Hebrew on the side of their missiles, you kind of get the feeling they aren’t going to live up to the deal they signed with us.

My question is where is Obama on this? Why hasn’t he come out and chastised them? Where’s John Kerry? Is he back in Europe (where he belongs) biking through the streets of Staad? You don’t hear much from the administration when they screw up. Oh, Bobo is keen on throwing anyone under the bus when something clearly doesn’t go his way. He’s quick to blame Republicans for not following his lead; he’s thrown the British Prime Minister under the bus for not totally backing him in Syria. He’s thrown the Russians under the bus. He’s thrown Bebe Netanyahu under the bus. He enjoys that one. But he never takes credit for the blame that should be on his shoulders. That tells me he either IS perfect (which I seriously doubt) or he’s got a Messiah complex, whereby he THINKS he’s perfect and always right. He’s neither.

The Iranian Nuclear Deal was a bust from the start. We were told that the administration would rather walk away from it if they couldn’t get a good deal. They got a bad deal and it got worse the more we learned about it. They shifted focus from the deal itself to “We would have gone to war if we didn’t have this deal in place.” Now, that is a HUGE stretch. If you’re telling me that after defeating the fourth largest army on the planet in Iraq back in the day, we couldn’t tackle Iran…I got news for you…we could turn that country into a sandbox inside of a week. And we could do it without nuclear weapons. Now, we didn’t do that because Bobo Obama is afraid to fight people. He always has been. And when you put someone yellow in the office of Commander In Chief, you get what you deserve. We got a yellow-bellied coward that doesn’t know how to prosecute a war because he’s run from every fight he’s ever had.

So, how’s the Iran Nuclear Deal going? In a short paragraph, I can tell you. It will indeed be Barack Obama’s legacy item. But I’m afraid it’s not going to be the legacy that Obama himself envisioned when he pushed John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry to get the thing through at any cost. Snapback sanctions? What are they? That’s what you’re hearing from the White House today. Thanks Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “How’s That Iran Deal Workin’ Out For You?

  1. Desert, it’s working out fine for me and I understand it could be working out fine for Boeing. As for the Hebrew thing, at least they are bilingual which is more than I can for Americans, a failing in our schools,

    • Actually Snark, I would agree with you that our schools have failed us. I’ll blame to areas you probably won’t…the first are unattentive parents and the second is educational unions that were more interested in contract negotiations than the 3 R’s.

  2. Desert, I actually meant the inability of our schools to have mandatory foreign languages programs starting in the third grade. We are not preparing our children for a global economy. This has been a compliant of mine for decades.

    • Not only are we not preparing our children for a global economy, we’re not preparing them for life after high school When the illiteracy rate in this country hovers around 14% that is totally unacceptable. You can’t have a viable “global economy” when 14% of your population can’t even read their native language (much less a foreign language!). Again, two places to blame…the parents for not making sure Johnny and Suzie do their homework and do it well, and teachers unions that are more concerned with contract negotiations than graduation and literacy rates.

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