Democrats In Disarray Over Trump

Don’t think for a minute that Hillary Clinton is getting a lot of sleep these days. She’s not. Oh, she may say she’d rather run against Donald Trump than Marco Rubio or John Kasich or Ted Cruz. Fact of the matter is she wouldn’t. The Democrats are just as perplexed about Trump as the Republican establishment is. The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump transcends the conventional wisdom of political campaigns, and it has the Democrats in a tizzy.

Dems can’t figure out why the Republicans would be so stupid to nominate someone with so much baggage. Trump has a “poor” record with women, with minorities, with immigration, with taxes. He’s another rich bitch that can’t relate to the middle class and will abandon them in a heartbeat. And while some of that may be true, the pure fact of the matter is, most people in this country don’t seem to care.

Donald Trump has gotten away with stuff on the campaign trail that would have sunk other campaigns. He’s said and done things that are totally wrong according to conventional politics, and his numbers have continued to skyrockets. He had a barrage of over $40 million in negative campaign ads thrown at him leading up to Super Tuesday II and he still managed to sweep most of the states, and made it close in the state he lost (Ohio).

The problem that Democrats have this year is their candidate has just as much baggage, if not more than Trump does. And, it appears as if Honesty and Trustworthiness seem to matter, and Hillary is at the bottom of those polls everywhere you turn. Add to the fact that the only people Trump seems not to be attracting are solid liberal Democrats, who have been going to Bernie Sanders and there is a real “anti-establishment” movement out there which doesn’t include Clinton. Trump has tapped into the middle class working stiff, the Reagan Democrats, and the people that have felt that the GOP has abandoned them. He has brought so many new people into politics that always sat on the sidelines before that most of the garbage being thrown at him hasn’t stuck. And it’s doubtful that anything Hillary or her brood throw at him will stick with the Independents, Reagan Democrats, or Republicans either.

And that is one reason why the Democrats that have taken a really hard look at the upcoming race are worried. Hillary Clinton, for whatever perceived strengths she has, is not a very viable candidate. She’s weak with crowds, she makes way too many gaffes, and she doesn’t have the proper temperament when flustered. Trump also doesn’t have a “presidential temperament”, but he is extremely well-versed when it comes to communications and marketing. He knows how to control a story better than anyone out there on either side of the coin. If he doesn’t do well in a debate, he knows how to turn the story away from the debate on to something entirely different as he did with Ben Carson’s endorsement of him the day after the Florida debate. That’s a valuable asset when doing something like running for the presidency. And that’s something that the Democrats should be exceptionally worried about!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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