Stop Cryin’ Already!

So, we’re going to be in for about ten months of Democrats crying over the fact they don’t get to appoint a third Obama Supreme Court Justice. That seems to be the way things go. Harry Reid has taken to the Senate floor claiming that Mitch McConnell hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years and that he’s the illegitimate son of the Koch Brothers. Bobo Obama has told the world that he has sent the name of Merrick Garland to the Senate Judiciary Committee as his Supreme Court nominee to replace Antonin Scalia, and expects them to do their job.

And Republicans all over the Senate have decided there isn’t a damn thing in the world Obama can do to make them hold a hearing. Payback is a bitch.

Obama basically tore the constitution up when he usurped power throughout his presidency. On 15 separate occasions he was slapped down by the Supreme Court for abuse of power on a 9-0 vote (including the two Justices that HE appointed!). While he did this, Congress stood by and did nothing. And now, when the Senate decides to invoke “The Biden Rule”, which said basically that the Senate shouldn’t hold hearings or confirm a Supreme Court appointment made during a president’s last year in office, the crying has started. Well, life is a bitch sometimes, just like paybacks are. The Senate finally grew a pair of balls and decided that they DID have some power, and frankly, they’re going to exercise it.

Let’s examine this a little bit shall we? It’s been since 1880 that a sitting president of one party nominated someone for the Supreme Court and the Senate controlled by the other party voted for that person. Now, Democrats will tell you that it actually happened with Anthony Kennedy. They will tell you that a Democrat-controlled Senate actually confirmed Kennedy during the last year of Reagan’s presidency. Kennedy was the third choice by Ronald Reagan to fill the vacancy created by Justice Lewis Powell who retired. The first person Reagan appointed was Robert Bork who was probably the most qualified person ever to be nominated for the high court. He was defeated. The second was Douglas Ginsberg, who backed out of the nomination. So, Reagan never really made a first appointment to the court in his final year. In fact, Kennedy was appointed in November of 1987, certainly well ahead of Reagan’s final year in office. He was confirmed in 1988 because Joe Biden didn’t schedule hearings until after the holidays…so what the Dems are screaming about isn’t exactly true.

The fact of the matter is quite simple. If you had a Republican president in his final year, and a Democrat-controlled Senate, what do you think Harry Reid would do? You’re absolutely right. And Mitch McConnell is well within his rights to do the exact same thing. If Harry Reid would go seven years without passing a federal budget in the Senate, don’t you think he’d stall on a Supreme Court nominee? Of course he would!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Stop Cryin’ Already!

  1. Well Desert, you have a lot going on in this posting and you sort of need a scorecard to keep track of what’s going on.

    Mitch McConnell is the illegitimate son of the Koch Brothers. The president is doing his job by sending Judge Merritt’s name to the Senate for advice and consent. Old Mitch is driveling on about that the people should have a voice in the next Justice. The average intelligence of the American voter would have the president nominate Judy, probably Sean Hannity choice. But I digress.

    So the Supreme Court has “slapped down by 9-0 votes” Obama’s misuse of power. As with other allegations of this nature you have posted, like Hillary’s scandals or her conviction on perjury, I have asked for specifics and received nothing. I will request the same this time regarding the “abuse of power” and expect the same response. This is probably because your Lexis Nexis or Shepard’s broke down.

    As for your point about Congress doing nothing, you finally found something we can agree on, the Republicans have basically done nothing since 2011 except have dopey votes on Obamacare and shut down the government. There’s a track record that Mom can be proud of showing her friends.

    Now we move on to Joe Biden and the Kennedy confirmation. Oh, he didn’t hold hearings until after the holidays, es tut mir fuchtbar leid. How many of the Senators would stay in Washington for hearings during the Holidays? This is kind of a red herring, sort of like glossing over why Douglas Ginsburg with his name for consideration, because the Republicans howled like rabid hyenas that he, GASP, smoked pot in law school. Having had extensive experience with law school students in the 70’s, they all seemed to smoke pot.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t quote the alleged “Biden Rule” concerning hearings in the president’s last year, but allow me to launch a pre-emptive attack as they say. We have all seen the video with Biden speaking but have you noticed the time stamp on it? It is late June and Congress will be taking its summer vacation with the conventions happening in a few weeks. Then there is the official kickoff of campaign season on Labor Day where everybody is running for office. Flash forward to now. In spite of McConnell’s idiotic statements, only two sitting U.S. Senators are currently running for president, the Canadian Cuban white southern bigot, Ted Cruz and Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders. There is plenty of time between now and the end of June to hold hearings and vote, especially Marco Rubio since it seems he has a lot of time on his hands now. I suspect that Ted and Bernie could fly back for a vote if need be.

    I think Obama has busted a great move here and the Republicans have painted themselves into a corner on this. Polls have shown (you seem to love polls) that most Americans want the process to move forward. Additionally, the Republicans are defending 24 Senate seats and 6 are in serious danger of flipping to the Democrats, which would give them, thank you Jesus!, control of the Senate when a Democrat is elected the next president.

    You are correct Desert, payback is a bitch and Bork was terrible nominee ranking with G. Harold Carswell (google him).

    • Ask for specifics and you shall receive:
      will get you 13 of them.
      As for “do-nothing” GOP-led Congress, let’s examine. Harry Reid’s last term (which was half Reid/half McConnell…the congress voted on a total of 474 bills. In Reid’s final full term it was 390. So far in this congress (all McConnell) it’s been 389 with 9 months to go. Hmmm…I think I rest my case here (oh…the place to find this is
      in case you can’t figure it out on your own.
      As for the Supreme Court nomination, you’re smoking whatever those 1970’s law students were. Let’s examine that carefully. What do you think would happen if say Hillary wins the election and the day after the election, McConnell decides to move forward with Garland’s nomination vote? Do you THINK Obama would pull him off the table? If you don’t you’re no where near as smart as I give you credit for. Obama has nominated someone he would NEVER nominate to show up the GOP. Obama doesn’t want him as a Supreme Court justice. He’s much too moderate for Obama (and for you???)

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