What Obama Costs Us

The President of the United States has always been a powerful figure. The office transcends the man in all cases. It makes the weak powerful, the stupid smart (to a degree), and gives them a famed “bully-pulpit” to tell the country why we should (or shouldn’t) be doing whatever it is they want us to do (or not to do). And it is no different with Barack Obama. The only difference is his misguided plans and faulty thinking is costing us trillions.

Need an example? How about his “all of the above (except coal) energy policy”. Now, I live in the desert. The state of Arizona is the sunniest state in the nation. In fact, if you look at a list of the top ten sunniest places in the world, Arizona has five of them (trivia question: Where is the sunniest? Answer to follow). It makes a lot of sense to use solar energy here where we get 300 days of sunshine every year. I’m all for that. In fact, our electric company has a HUGE solar farm out west of Phoenix. And it was the very first upgrade my wife and I made when we moved in. We put 36 solar panels on our house. It took the electric bill from an average of $275 a month (it gets hot in the summer here) to $17.

But it’s not a smart play everywhere…even in the Mojave Desert. And that is where Obama has run into problems. There is a solar farm there called Ivanpah that is tanking. Why? Well, they put it in a place that is not producing nearly enough energy than what they thought. And the Obama administration gave Ivanpah a loan guarantee of $1.6 billion dollars. So what’s wrong with that? The plant is only producing 45% of what its capacity is, and the state of California wants to shut it down.

Remember another failed solar panel place up the road in Fremont, California called Solyndra? The US Government in its infinite wisdom gave them $536 million. The state of California kicked in another $25 million in tax benefits. And Solyndra promptly went out of business. That’s $2 billion of YOUR money that has been wasted. It’s gone. It’s just two examples of several hundred where the Obama energy plan has gone awry.

So, we have to ask ourselves, was it a bad idea or just bad timing? Frankly, I don’t have a problem with an “all of the above” energy strategy. They do a lot of wind power out near Palm Springs, California. There are many places that do. They have hundreds of wind mills. And they generate a lot of power with it. It makes sense. Of course, the birds don’t like it, but there’s always a price. And here, solar makes sense. But we still use oil, we still use coal. We still use natural gas, and you want to know something? Regardless what Gina McCarthy at the EPA says…and regardless what Hillary Clinton is telling the coal miners of southeastern Ohio…we will ALWAYS be using fossil fuel, including coal. And that’s the dirty little secret in Obama’s screwed up thinking. He thinks he can change the way America operates. Sorry Bobo. It doesn’t work out that way.

The world will continue to run on oil until there is an incredibly cheaper fuel source for all of us. That won’t happen in any of our lifetimes!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Well Desert, another interesting post where you tell half the story on two company that have unrelated goals, but that’s conservatives for you. So my response may be longer that your blog but facts have that kind of effect.

    We will start with Ivanpah. You give the impression by not telling the whole story as to the purpose of their solar. While I do not dispute your contention that they are in fiscal trouble, they are really not in the retail photovoltaic business. Rather, the purpose of the solar was to supplement the use of natural gas in heating really huge boilers to generate electricity. The photovoltaic farm delivers power to what is called a power tower. The power tower is not performing up to snuff , not the panel farm. The consortium is requesting forbearance and more funding for the purchase of additional natural to power the boilers. Apparently there is only one other power tower which is located in Spain. Your summation presents a different picture by omission of facts.

    Solyndra, or as the right wing calls it, the Benghazi of solar power. Sorry, I am channeling my inner John Oliver.

    You are correct that Solyndra did in fact go bankrupt and the Federal government did provide a SBA loan of $536 million, but as evidenced from the above you do not provide the whole story. Why did Solyndra go bankrupt? Was a poor product? Was is a poor business plan? Was it inadequate funding? No to all of the above. The reason that Solyndra went bankrupt was that the Chinese stole their technology, produced the panels cheaper and dumped them in America. Gosh, where have we heard that before? Anyway, Solyndra could not compete in pricing vs. cheap Chinese imports, hence bankruptcy. So much for Americans buying American products. But this story does have a happy ending if you believe in karma. The Chinese company that undercut Solyndra and forced them into bankruptcy, went bankrupt a few years ago and ceased operations. How do I know this? As you are aware, I read a lot.

    This information should assist your low information readers fully analyze your blog.

    Desert, as you are aware, I am a big movie junkie and have a recommendation. Diane got Love and Mercy from the library which we watched last night. Terrific is all I can say. It is the story of Brain Wilson of the Beach Boys covering the period from the early 60’s to mid 90’s. Go into the mind of musical genius and a truly abusive psychiatrist.

    • Well…that was a typical liberal response. It doesn’t matter that these places failed…it’s that we tried…and it’s the intent that means more than the actual results. Nice try, but you deserve an F on this one! But thanks for the movie recommendation. You usually are much better at analyzing movies than politics!!!

  3. Glad you were not supporting those railroads in the 1800’s or the airline industry in the second third of the 20th Century.

  4. Personally I find that hard to believe if you lived during those times considering how dangerous each form of travel was at each time.

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