Let’s Make A Deal!

I didn’t come up with the plan…but it’s an ingenious idea. I’ve seen it in a couple of different places, and heard one talk show guy talking about it, so I know it’s out there. And while I’m not sure if you’ve heard it or not, I thought I’d look into it a little. It’ll never happen, but hey…it’s not the dumbest move in the world!

The “deal” is for Mitch McConnell to go to Barack Obama, and tell him, very publicly that he’ll make the deal of giving Obama a full hearing on Merrick Garland as Supreme Court Justice, complete with a floor vote on the guy in exchange for an indictment of Hillary Clinton when the FBI comes out with the referral. Now, on the surface, it seems like it would, and could be a boon for Obama…he gets three Supreme Court nominees that would certainly sway the court for years and years, and all he would have to give up is someone he wouldn’t mind throwing under the bus anyway.

Here’s why it won’t work. First of all, Merrick Garland is a guy that Barack Obama doesn’t want to be approved by the Senate. He’s nowhere near the justice Obama is seeking. I think that IF McConnell were actually smart enough to hold hearings and schedule a floor vote on Garland, Obama would yank him from the nomination faster than a shaggy dog would be on a juicy bone. Nope, that dog won’t hunt. Because in all honesty, the only reason Merrick Garland was nominated was because Obama knew he WOULDN’T be getting a hearing.

Second, is Obama really that caught up on trying to control the judiciary or maintain his legacy? He really can’t have both. Let’s say he took up this deal (which wouldn’t be and hasn’t been proposed anyway) and threw Hillary under the bus. That means that he’s handing the election over to probably Donald Trump or certainly either Trump or Cruz. That means that all of his accomplishments achieved through the use of executive power will be history on January 21, 2017. He will have very little as a legacy to fall back on. His presidential library consists of three Supreme Court nominees. That would be about it. Obamacare would be in shambles. The TPP would fall apart. The Iran Nuclear Deal would be dead in the water, and so would the “new” relations with Cuba. Every single thing that Obama tried to get through, including immigration, would fall by the wayside. I don’t think he’s that stupid. He probably won’t keep all of it even if Hillary does happen by some miracle to win the election and avoid a court date in the process.

Or, Obama could pull an Obama and agree to the deal, indict Hillary on the charges, then Garland gets his hearing (of course it would be voted down), and Obama pardon’s Hillary before the election of any wrong-doing (oh yes…he can do that!). In fact, he could do that today, and do it for anything the FBI finds in the future. And if he did that, of course, it’s political suicide for him, but she skates free (again).

Fun world we live in, isn’t it?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!