Making America “Great Again”?

Donald Trump is promising it. Hillary Clinton is swearing by it. Every candidate out there is still screaming it from the mountain tops. They all are promising to “make America great again”. Of course, how they get there are two entirely different routes, and whether they can get there at all is the big question. I’m not so sure either of the routes being touted by Clinton or Trump actually end with America being “great again”.

Hillary is saying she’s going to “change things” when she wins the presidency, but she’s decided to jump into bed with Obama and his presidency. That’s a very strange thing to do with a guy that’s upside down in the polls as far as approval ratings are concerned. Oh, he’s bounced up to 51% in a couple of polls, and then quickly gets back down to the 40% number. Usually someone in the 60-70% approval rating is someone you want to follow…at least if they’re in your own party.

Donald Trump meanwhile has brought together a group of people that really sounds more like Democrats than Republicans. Think about it. Isn’t it the Dems that are always mad at the world and wanting revenge on the rich guy? Wouldn’t it be the Dems that want to punish people and show them whose boss? Now that line works very well when you’re talking about soaking the rich with new taxes and giving some of that wealth to the middle class to offset the cost of healthcare or schooling, or whatever. It’s the old wealth redistribution line that is as tired and old as it is unworkable. But Trump has lit a fire under people who feel that both Republicans and Democrats have screwed them long enough. Here’s a guy that is promising a bunch of things, and I wonder just how he plans on getting them all done.

The thing that I wonder about, the Democrats are screaming about how Trump is a sexist, racist, homophobe that isn’t smart enough to find the bathroom without help. The Republicans say he’s the most dangerous man in the world…and I wonder how in hell this guy is getting any votes? He’s got BOTH major parties against him. And yet he continues to be the front-runner. That’s a position he’s enjoyed since he joined the race last year! Who in hell is voting for this guy if it’s not the Democrats and it’s not the Republicans? And how did Trump ever get this powerful that he could usurp power from not one, but two major political parties at the same time?

The fact is Trump isn’t going to be able to make America great again on his own. And Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be able to change a lot of things and run as a third-term Obama. Neither of those things is going to happen. We’ve seen about as much of a change as you can possibly make over the past seven years, and that’s throwing the constitution out the window and running the country as a dictator, not a president. In the end, we’re still the United States of America. Yes, we’ve got more problems, but they are fixable. We just need to elect someone that CAN work with congress to actually get things done. I’m not sure that person is in the race.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!