But Who Do You Choose?

Donald Trump spent yesterday in the Arizona desert with rallies in Fountain Hills (which is just northeast of Phoenix), and also in Tucson. In both instances, protesters showed up and tried to stop the rallies from taking place. In the Fountain Hills rally, protest organizer, Francisca Porchas had her people actually park their cars in the middle of a freeway to block it so Trump couldn’t get to the rally site. During the rally (yeah…Trump made it but was about 45 minutes late), Trump ended up kicking out the protesters from the crowd, to loud cheers.

In Tucson, one of the protesters was attacked by a Trump supporter and ended up with a swollen jaw, and bruises after being beaten while he was being led out of the rally site.

I understand people have a right to protest, and I would only hope that Hillary Clinton gets the same treatment (I know she has, though it hasn’t turned violent so far). But what Porchas did in Fountain Hills was dangerous. It created a miles-long traffic jam that could have cost someone their life if emergency vehicles couldn’t have gotten through. Yes, I understand the rather large Hispanic population is upset that Trump wants to build a wall with Mexico (and make them pay for it). Yes, I understand they don’t like his stand on immigration (imagine, making people that entered our country illegally actually leave the country!). But as is usually the case with liberals, they enjoy taking it too far. They missed getting the gene that says “Enough already”.

They don’t have to like Donald Trump. Hell, there are a lot of Republicans that don’t like Donald Trump. I’m not so sure I like Donald Trump. But I like him more when I see the protesters out there. I’m beginning to think that maybe…just maybe…he’s on to something. I mean, if he’s pissing off the left to the point that they are willing to block traffic on freeways, willing to disrupt his rallies and try to get him to stop speaking; if they are willing to rush the stage and get arrested and beat up by Secret Service, then maybe I’ve been missing something about this guy that I need to take another look at. The way I view it, if the liberals are so fired up and pissed off at the guy, maybe he deserves a second chance.

When you get right down to it this presidential election cycle, we really don’t have many choices, especially when you consider that 22 people were vying for the nominations in two parties when this thing started almost a year ago. Now we’re basically down to four. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and most likely a criminal. Bernie Sanders is on death’s door step and deserves to be living in a retirement community a lot more than I do. Oh, and he’s a socialist. Ted Cruz has proven to the world he’s not above pulling out the bag of dirty tricks and telling lies. And Donald Trump has been accused of starting World War II, hating women, blacks, Hispanics, his ex-wives, and Rosie O’Donnell…though that last one gives me more impetus to vote for him.

We have to make a decision here, even though we most likely have to hold our nose while doing it. I just pray we make the right one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!