The Weirdest Year…

I never thought I’d write this blog…but here we are, about 10 months after everyone announced their run for president, and we’re down to four candidates, two on each side. That’s not the weird part. The weird part is who we have to choose from. I’m amazed it’s come to this. I truly am.

On the Republican side, we’ve got a guy whose campaign stops resemble a rambling diatribe of four letter words (he’s been better lately), accusations about his opponents, and wild-eyed platforms of what he wants to accomplish once he’s elected…and he swears he’s going to be elected. He’s running against a guy that has pulled some of the slimiest tricks of the campaign, while professing to be an Evangelical. Now, I don’t bash a religious choice of these guys, but that’s a little ironic that the most “Christian” person in the field is always surrounded by dirty tricks, and we’ve seen it more than once. He’s been accused of lying, though I’m not really sure. No one has proven anything on that account yet.

One the other side you’ve got a woman that has wanted to be president because it means she gets to be the first female president in US history. Oh, she says she’s going to fight for you, but she’s been caught more times than Ted Cruz lying about various things…and not just during this campaign, but her entire career. In fact, she was an attorney for the Democrats prosecuting Richard Nixon during Watergate and was fired because of her dishonesty. Almost forgot, she’s also embroiled in a criminal investigation that would land any of us in jail for a very, very long time. She’s hoping to skate because she knows the Attorney General personally. She’s running against an avowed socialist who’s 74 years old. That makes him five years older than Ronald Reagan when he ran for president in 1980. He’s an honest guy by everything I’ve been able to find out about him, but he’s had a very unremarkable career in the US Senate for 30 years. He’s done absolutely nothing there except convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. Certainly there are about 99 other people in that staid body that would make a better president than him.

So, can you see why it would be difficult to choose someone this time around? You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. About the only thing I’ll say is this: Protesters, yes, you have a right to protest, but don’t forget…when you start blocking motorcades, and screaming to shout down ANY of these candidates, you’re taking away their first amendment rights, which are just as important as your first amendment rights. I hope the people that disrupted the rally Donald Trump was holding in Fountain Hills, Arizona over the weekend are put in Sheriff Joe’s “Desert Prison” for a very, very long time! It was totally uncalled for. If someone did that to Hillary, every Democrat would be calling for jail time for the bastards who did it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “The Weirdest Year…

  1. Well desert, I do agree with you that this is one weird political year. I do take issue with some of your research though.

    First, the Hillary story about her being fired from the Watergate staff is a myth, but Republicans do like myths. Truth be told, the person who “fired” her from the staff actually had no authority to do so, that authority lay with the committee chairman Peter Rodino. So no points for you on that round. I’m the last of the Watergate junkies with best my male friend who lives in Chicago as our prize possession is an ashtray from the Watergate. I “acquired” while visiting friends of my ex-wife who lived in the area.

    Second, I like Bernie a lot. As for his age, compared to Ronnie, at least he is not telling stupid stories from WWII bomber pilots who all perished (so if they are all dead, who told Ronnie the story?) and apparently does not have early Alzheiners. As for 99 Senators who would make a better president really? Joni Ernst, the pig castrator, Rand Paul, the doofus, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump lite, Jeff Flake, McCain in training, Jeff Sessions, who is still pissed he is not on the Supreme Court. You get the idea. One thing on Bernie, the best campaign commercial I have seen so far and unfortunately only once is the one with no narration, just visuals with Simon and Garfunkel singing America in the background. Excellent, even if you don’t vote for him.

    The protestors, hey some rich fat cats had some trouble on the road. the protestors didn’t beat up anybody that disagreed with them or incite any violence, which although it was organized does disprove Trump’s thug claim. Doubt they will see the inside of Bull Connor’s tent city as the charge of obstruction of a public way is a low class misdemeanor. Been there, done that a long time ago with a seriously much larger crowd. Power to the People!!!!!!!

    • Yeah…even John McCain would be better than Bernie. The rest? It’s no contest. The Simon & Garfunkel commercial was great, showing that socialists can be creative…they just don’t understand how to govern. Never have, never will.

  2. Yeah, those socialist countries in Europe are just total anarchy with nothing getting done.

    • Oh, they’re getting something done…with their great open door immigration policy, they’ve set upon what looks to be a rather unique population management system. And you gotta love that 40% unemployment and riots over inability to pay bills. Greece, Spain, Portugal, and now Belgium. You gotta love that, don’t you?

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