Bobo Goes To Cuba

So the president of the United States has landed in Havana, Cuba. The world stopped revolving yesterday when Air Force One touched down at Jose Marti International Airport. It couldn’t believe that Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown actually followed through with something and became the first president since Calvin Coolidge visited in January of 1928. For those of you into Common Core, let me help you…that was 88 years ago.

So what is the big deal, other than the fact Obama actually went to Cuba? Actually, besides pissing off a bunch of people in Miami who view it as a major slap in their face, it really doesn’t mean much. After all, tourists from every other country in the world have been visiting Cuba, buying Cuban cigars, investing in the island nation, and watching in amazement as 1950’s automobiles still run without any problem. Is it a big deal after all? That is going to depend on whom you ask.

The cruise line industry thinks it’s a big deal. They’d love to put Havana on their list of ports of call. And I guess cigar lovers would love to go to Cuba for those famous stogies, though as I understand it, Cuba no longer makes the best cigars. That’s what fifty years of communism will do to you! Other than that, and the somewhat curious tourists who want to go and enjoy yet another poor Caribbean island, there really isn’t anything majorly exciting about visiting Cuba. Maybe to see the next big starting pitcher for the Yankees? Other than that, you may as well head to Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. The resorts are much better there anyway.

This was done purely as a legacy item for Obama. It’s the one thing the next president cannot take away from him by rescinding an executive order. Pretty much everything else on Obama’s list of accomplishments can be whisked away like an umpire sweeping off home plate. But a visit to Cuba is something no one can take away. And it’s a relatively safe thing to do. I mean, yes, you’re pissing off about 2 million Cuban Americans, with more coming every day. But other than that, I don’t get the feeling most people care about this much at all. And therein lies the rub for Obama. His legacy has become one of “we could care less”, and failure.

Again, when you look at the stuff that Obama has done that has failed, from Obamacare to the Iran Nuclear Deal, you have to come to the conclusion he’s a failed president. In fact, he’s the worst president in US history, knocking the likes of Millard Fillmore and Jimmy Carter from the bottom of the totem pole. And IF this trip was about legacy (which I can’t see another reason), then it shows just how far this president has sunk. When a three day trip to a Caribbean island located 90 miles offshore is the biggest accomplishment you can point to in your eight years in office, you’ve pretty well hit rock bottom. But that’s Obama…and that’s socialism!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Bobo Goes To Cuba

  1. Well Desert, you may have not noticed but the Cold War is over, we won. Consequently, maybe we should re-establish relations with our southern neighbor. I know that the Cuban population is pissed but who cares, they have a tasty immigration program and do not want it changed because then they would have to go through the same process as “those people.”

    I know the knee jerk (emphasis on jerk) reaction of the most obtuse members of Congress harping that Cuba is run as an oppressive regime. Funny I do not remember this howling when we established relations with Viet Nam and we lost over 54,000 soldiers there. No one is going to mistake Viet Nam for a democratic republic.

    As for Cuban cigars, vastly overrated but will say that Montecristo #1 are quite good, Cohiba not so. The best cigars are coming from Honduras and Nicaragua as I speak from experience. Dominicans are so so.

    Worst resident ever? Come on, are you telling me that the Smirking Chimp with Darth Vader sitting in on drums were better? After turning the Middle East into a flaming shithole. Not to mention he started two unfunded wars, two unfunded tax cuts and an unfunded drug plan for seniors just to win the 2004 election with Darth saying deficits don’t count. He only tripled the debt with this nonsense and it continues to add to the debt, but then all of this is Obama’s fault because according to Republicans there appears to be no presidential history between Clinton and Obama.

    Have fun stormin’ the castle.

    • Once again…so misguided…so much to dispel. It’s going to take eons to get you thinking right. Let’s try, shall we? First off, yes, we won the FIRST Cold War, but you need to get into the 21st Century. There’s a SECOND cold war being waged…or don’t the folks on MSNBC and CNN know that yet? As for Cuba, you’re right…repressive regime is ALWAYS better than freedom. That’s why those boatlifts from Miami to Havana are so popular. You know, we really should stop sending all that business Havana’s way! Don’t know all that much about cigars since I don’t smoke ’em, so I’ll concede that point to you. And I have no idea who “Smirking Chimp” and “Darth Vader” are. Maybe if you used given names once in a while rather than nicknames you made up (and no one else knows)? That would help. Talk about tripling the debt? What in hell has Obama done? If you were talking about Bush, 85% of his debt increase came in the last quarter of the last year of his presidency…due to Democrat bills that banks couldn’t adhere to (who EVER heard of giving loans to people without checking on their ability to pay???). No, Obama is at the bottom, and that’s not me talking…many historians agree on that account!

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