Obamacare 2.0

Pretty much everyone that isn’t looking through rose colored glasses realizes that Obamacare has failed in its primary and secondary missions. Yes, they’ve insured more people than before, but at a cost that will bankrupt the country in ten years if allowed to continue. And though I’d be the first to admit that the program has insured about three million of the previously uninsured (instead of the 20 million it was supposed to have insured by now), we’ve all learned that there is a huge difference between being insured and having health care access.

Well, Health and Human Services Secretary, Sylvia Matthews Burwell is unveiling Obamacare 2.0. It’s going to be more sweeping in its invasiveness into your life without necessarily fixing the things that are wrong with Obamacare 1.0. And, while the administration probably has a couple of things to toot their horn about, like getting rid of pre-existing conditions, and keeping your kids on your policy until they’re old enough to become grandparents, it really hasn’t done much except piss off most of America. Still 70% of Americans surveyed feel that they’d be better off without Obamacare. Even Bernie Sanders says it should be gutted and replaced with something else, which means Hillary Clinton is the only candidate on the trail that likes the damn thing…and that’s about what the national average is, one in four.

Burwell is hoping to expand the role of Obamacare, which in essence is a bold statement of the brashness of this administration. Instead of hoping it makes it passed next January as most people that view the color of the sky as blue would be doing, Burwell hopes to, in an election year, actually get more “benefits” passed. Of course, when pressed on the fact that Obamacare is hemorrhaging money, Burwell doesn’t have an answer for that. Nor does she know where that money is going to come from. Nor can she answer how she hopes to get any of the dwindling number of insurance companies that are still involved in Obamacare care to go along with more money-losing ideas now that the congress has nixed the plan to off-set the insurance company losses with stipends from the government.

No, Burwell is grasping at straws, which is really the Obama playbook. When your back is against the wall, double down. Never feel like you’ve lost. Feel like you’re going to eventually win. That’s been the Obama strategy from day one. And while it’s worked to a minor degree, it wouldn’t have worked if he actually had to follow the constitution in order to get it done. And once again, while the administration may want to expand this monstrosity, they’re going to have an extremely hard time funding any changes. And that is going to be the boogie man under the bridge that ends up destroying Obamacare, not Donald Trump, and not Ted Cruz.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!