Shutting Up Glenn Beck

I’ve known Glenn Beck for years. I first met him when he was on one of his many speaking tours in Toledo. He loved Toledo. He stopped by many times, totally unannounced to the public, and used a spare studio for his national broadcast. And he had our morning guy fill in for him on a regular basis. But Glenn, you’re really whacked out, partner. I mean, you’ve crossed the line, and I’m calling you on it.

Beck has been campaigning for Ted Cruz in his run for the GOP nomination. Now, I don’t have the slightest problem with that. Actually it makes sense. Cruz is the most conservative person in the race, and Beck is uber-conservative. What I do have a problem with is Glenn Beck having the nerve to say that “Evangelicals have not been listening to their God if they vote for Donald Trump”. This is wrong on so many levels that I think I need some of that duct tape Beck is always talking about.

First of all, how dare you tell me what MY God is saying to me regarding any politician? I have news for you Glenn…God has a lot more to worry about than who we select as a GOP nominee for president. If he didn’t, we never would have ended up with Bob Dole, or John McCain, or Mitt Romney. Second, I want to know exactly how you KNOW that God doesn’t want Donald Trump? How can you in good, Christian consciousness say something as stupid as that? What in hell is going through your often-addled mind to make a statement like that? And finally, I don’t remember you ever being given the ability to hear any “burning bush” speech from the Great Creator Himself! When did that happen? When were you imbued with some special spirit that gave you a direct line to God?

This is really unnerving, and it cost Ted Cruz a vote in the Arizona primary. I was ready to buck the trend here and vote for Cruz after I saw him on Special Report on Monday with Brett Baier. But after I read what Glenn Beck said, I changed my mind and went with Trump. Sorry folks, but that comment by Beck crossed the line, was so far out of left field it wasn’t within a mile of the ballpark, and I don’t follow idiots like Beck. Glenn, you can campaign for whomever you like. You can say whatever you like, but when you invoke the name of God Almighty and tie it to a vote for or against someone running for president of the United States, you’ve gone too far. I hope you get called on it by a lot more people than just me. What you did was wrong and you owe this nation an apology! Shame on you for your moralistic rantings and your pious attitude!

Carry on the rest of the world…you’re dismissed….Beck, you’re heading to the Principal’s office!


6 thoughts on “Shutting Up Glenn Beck

  1. My, my, my Desert, Christians getting their knickers in a twist over the use of the Invisible Cloud Being invoked in a campaign, especially by a lunatic like Glenn Beck. So let me get this straight, use of god in a campaign is sooooooooooo wrong, especially for alleged endorsements, but use of god in public policy is good or even required, or put another way, god is too busy with other things (with absolutely no proof of this statement) to participate in campaigns, but stories from the Bronze Age, around the fall of the Roman Empire or early Middle Ages that form basically Christian Sharia law are fine. Is there some sort of ecclesiastical shell game going on here or some sort of disconnect? Please enlighten me on this and it better be good.

    And people wonder why I walked away from this foolishness.

    • Your decision to accept or not accept the existence of God (it’s ALWAYS capitalized) is your decision. That’s about as far as anyone can take this argument.

  2. That may be so but you still have not answered the question regarding campaigns vs. public policy.

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