What Was Accomplished?

Barack Obama concluded his trip to Cuba Tuesday. He met with dissidents (something that el Presidente, Raul Castro didn’t want to have happen), addressed the country in a nation-wide address, and went to a ball game with Raul, where they ate Cracker Jacks and peanuts. So, what was accomplished?

Nothing. Other than making it another scouting trip for the New York Yankees, very little was accomplished on this trip. Castro and Obama sparred over the treatment of dissidents and those being jailed for their political beliefs, but they didn’t agree on anything. Castro told Obama he wanted the US to abandon Guantanamo Bay, and get out of Cuba forever. That’s not going to happen (Obama wants to close the terrorist detention center, but he’s not crazy enough to abandon Gitmo entirely!). Castro had to answer reporter questions regarding detainees and political prisoners, in which he denied having them (the State Department provided Raul a list). And all had black beans and rice, and watched the 1955 Chevy’s parade around the square. What a grand trip!

And you’re welcome American taxpayer for footing the multi-million dollar bill for this spring break trip. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to the Caribbean for a few days after a frightful winter? The problem is that nothing was done. There wasn’t any major agreement signed, there weren’t any major trade negotiations or embargo’s lifted (only Congress can do that). I don’t think any representatives from the cruise line industry were there to push to be docking in Havana Harbor. No, there wasn’t anything really accomplished at this trip. Another failed attempt at an Obama legacy.

And so it goes with this president. Items that he feels are great intentions that lead to thuds in the cow pasture of life. Hell, I bet Obama didn’t even bring back any Cuban cigars! He probably could have, I don’t think he has to pass through customs when he comes back home. So all in all, this trip, like every single trip Michelle ma Belle has taken over the last eight years has been an expensive boondoggle for the American taxpayer to foot the bill. Why? Because of an ego the size of the Caribbean seeking something, ANYTHING that historians can agree upon when he leaves office in less than ten months.

And that in and of itself has summed up the presidency of Barack Obama. Failed policies, terrible negotiations, and the guy that actually has spurned the GOP to be on the doorstep of nominating a business tycoon to be his replacement…and don’t argue with me on this one! Do you mean to tell me that if there had been any better president out there for the last eight years we would be discussing a Donald Trump presidency at this point? I doubt it. You would have had a Marco Rubio/Ted Cruz/John Kasich triad running for the presidency at this point. No outsiders screaming for massive change in our government. No Bernie Sanders rallying tens of thousands of college kids who are going to forget to vote. None of that. It’s all because of Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. Once again, Thanks Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    I know a Cuban who came here after the Bay of Pigs. When I last spoke with him, when BHO was planning to get chummy with Fidel, the guy could not hold his temper and had some real salty language about BHO betraying Cuban-Americans and using Latinos as doormats.

  2. Well Desert, I see why you went into communications and not the Foreign Service (the entry test is a bitch, I know, I took it) as well as the two posters above.

    Somehow, we were suppose to have an instant kumbya moment and everything is solved. Normalization of relations is a long negotiations over potentially many years. This has been true in history, like Viet Nam which took about thirty years. It is still a repressive communist government and a country where we lost over 54,000 soldiers and much more wounded. China took 25 years for the start of a breakthrough and additional decades before anything approaching normalization. Consequently, this will take a long time because of conflicting claims, the morons in Congress lifting a failed embargo (Castro have outlasted 25% of presidents) and the beginning of trade and tourism. Same is going to be with Iran. BTW, if the Republicans elect a president and “tear up the Iran Agreement” so what, Europe and the other signatories will continue on. Empty threat by clueless bozos.

    Remember that Nixon met with Mao (Cultural Revolution killed how many people?) and Chou En-Lai, toured the Great Wall, toured the Forbidden City and brought some pandas home. No sports because it was fucking cold there. So what’s the difference except Obama is being accused of being a black president that the Republicans hated since the night he was elected?

    • My oh my. You need to learn that some people just cannot be trusted. As much as you hate the GOP, you need to realize there are OTHER people in the world more evil than Republicans!

  3. I don’t hate Republicans, jus their stupid policies and the serious move to the Right. Remember when there were moderates in the party? Ronald Reagan from thirty five years ago would have been driven out of the party as a RINO. That is how far this bunch has descended.
    Again, you have not really responded to how diplomacy works, typical Republican response, attack the messenger and ignore the message.

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