OMG…Obama WAS Right!

OK, I will source this to the “Real Science” blog here on WordPress, and give that blog total credit for the chart I ripped off from them. With that in mind, let me say that I recall eight years ago when Bobo Obama had the nation eating out the palm of his hand. Remember? The Greek columns, the god-like stature, its amazing John McCain didn’t quit the campaign and head back to Arizona he was so out-matched. But one of the things Obama said, apparently, HAS come true.

Conservatives for years made fun of the fact that when Obama gets to the White House, the sea levels would fall. Well, feast your eyes on the above chart!

It actually happened.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that isn’t all good news for Obama and his cronies. He has nothing to complain about when it comes to “global warming” or “climate change”. Apparently, the earth has corrected itself. It can’t have been anything that Obama did, other than just have his magnanimous presence in the White House, because he hasn’t done anything except destroy the coal industry. But apparently, his smiling, big-eared face was enough to get Mother Gaia to change the rising seas. Of course, now that the sea level is back to “normal” as is evidenced on this chart; now that the arctic ice mass is growing twice the size of the state of Alaska, we probably don’t need to go any farther, or we’ll be forced to deal with “global cooling”. And then what would the liberals do? They’d have to get someone to run for president that actually felt that the world needed MORE carbon pollution, and more coal, and more fossil fuels! Where would we be then?

Actually, the left is so in the dark on this they really are lost. I kind of feel sorry for them. Kinda. Not really. They don’t believe that the earth is capable of creating mass pollution, and the earth is capable of cleaning it up…even though it’s had millions of years of experience doing both. If the left was so right about “climate change”, then tell me how in hell we had an ice age before mankind set foot on here. Tell me how in hell we melted the ice when we weren’t driving around in SUV’s and taking Jimmy to his soccer games? Nobody was flying jets around back then, so it wasn’t that. And nobody was mining coal, so it couldn’t have been that, yet the earth normalized its own temperature, just as it has for millions of years.

And that drives the left crazy because that means there is something out there that government can’t solve. There is something out there that regardless what it is we as humans do, we are unable to actually influence its outcome. That means we as humans aren’t as important as we think we are, and the left can’t deal with that. They have no answer for that one, and that my friends, is the biggest slap in their face of all.

Oh, and Thanks Obama…for lowering the sea levels. That’s one campaign promise you actually DID keep, even if you didn’t have a damn thing to do with it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Well Desert, we may both suck at math but I do remember enough that a graph has two axis, X and Y. The graph you posted has the Y axis named but not X axis, consequently the graph you have used to prove you point is utterly useless. Without the X information this could represent the tide in Miami for a day. By the way, Miami and the Keys are having terrible problems with rising ocean tides.

    As stated before, the coal industry has been dying since the 70’s, about the time that my parents replaced their coal burning furnace with a gas furnace as did all the others in the subdivision. No more Pennsylvania Pokey P for us.

    As for the artic ice pack, it is larger than the State of Alaska but is down substantially from thirty years ago. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, the oceans are warming and are becoming dangerously acidic, in case you wonder where all that carbon was going.

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