Why All The Negativity?

Have you stopped for a minute to realize how much negative press Donald Trump is getting these days? It’s pretty incredible when you think about it. I can’t think of a time in memory when a political candidate got slammed by both the right and the left. And it leads me to ask the question, “Why?” Why in the name of God Almighty would the left slam the guy as much as they are? I can understand why “establishment” Republicans are doing it…they’re trying to hold on to their way of life, which if Trump wins, is being threatened. But why the left?

If the left actually believed, as they say, that Trump would be the easiest route for Hillary to get to the White House, why are they making such a negative campaign about him? To answer this, I look at myself, and some of the other conservative blogs who have trashed the hell out of Hillary. Why are WE doing that? It’s because we are basically scared of what will happen to the country if she gets elected. Do we think she will be? I personally don’t. I know that Cruz and Kasich are whooping her in the polls right now, and Trump is trailing her by 9 points with a 5 point margin of error (easily made up)…but my thinking is, if she were to actually win, the country would go downhill very quickly. So wouldn’t it be the same for the left? Of course it would be.

The left tells us that there is no way in hell that Trump wins the election. I was told that in many responses on a liberal website posting that I made the other day. There were tons of response to a logically thought out argument that you can’t liken either 2008 or 2012 to this year if Trump is the candidate on the right. He will indeed change the electoral map. Places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and New Jersey are certainly able to be flipped at that point. But if what the left is saying is true, and there is no way Trump can win, why are they so worried? Answer: Same reason we’re so worried Hillary would win even though common sense says she can’t. They’re afraid that Donald Trump WILL win if he gets the nomination, and they know that right now is the time that is most critical to stop him.

I frankly don’t think the left is all that concerned with Ted Cruz. I don’t think he looks as “presidential” (whatever that looks like) as Donald Trump…even with the bad hair. I think he looks like, as one reader of this blog so correctly has pointed out…like Eddie Munster. And I don’t think the left is all that concerned with John Kasich, even though Kasich is leading Hillary in a head to head matchup right now by 10 points (more than Cruz or Trump!). They are worried about Trump. Because they know that Trump has the ability to do something that neither Cruz nor Kasich has the ability to do. He’s got the ability to reach into the Democrat party, like Ronald Reagan did, and steal votes. He’s got the ability to bring Independents over to the GOP side after eight years of going left. And he’s got the ability to bring new people in and get them to vote, and that hasn’t happened in years. Actually, THAT is probably what scares the left more than anything. Oh, they’ll tell you it’s not anything, but they’re scared. And they should be.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Desert, I didn’t say Cruz looked like Eddie Munster, I said he looks like Grandpa from the Munsters. Paul Ryan is Eddie from the Munsters.

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