Dancing With The Stars?

There has been quite a lot of talk about Barack Obama and his decisions to go to a baseball game in Cuba after the Brussels bombings, and then carry on to Argentina, where he had a video taken of himself dancing the Tango. Well, in all honesty, I understand he was trying to convey a message. I think that message was “We are not going to let ISIS stop us from living our lives”. I think. He failed at it however.

People on both the right and the left have slammed Obama for his once again, poor understanding on how the world works. When there is tragedy in the streets of your neighbor and friend, you don’t throw a party. You console them, you honor their dead, and you do what you can to help. But you don’t pack up and go to a baseball game, or dance the Tango with some slutty looking woman in Argentina. That’s stuff you don’t want to do. Bobo has failed to learn this, and I think it’s because of his view of the world growing up.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, he feels that if you apologize to everyone out there that doesn’t like you, they will become your friends, and if you act like tragedy imposed upon you isn’t tragedy, the opposition (in this case ISIS) will think you don’t believe their actions were a big deal. He’s so wrong on both cases. Apologies work when you’ve done someone wrong. Becoming the strongest nation on earth is not doing someone wrong. It’s becoming the best you can be. Acting as if nothing is wrong when an ally has suffered a tragedy like the Brussels bombings is also wrong. That’s just human decency. There’s nothing special about that, which is why both sides have condemned Bobo for his heinous acts.

Look, I understand going to Cuba was a legacy for him. And I understand that trying to put on a face of not wanting to appear to be losing “to a JV team” is also important for him. But both are stupid. Cuba is going to try and soak the US for money because that’s what they do. They did it to Russia, they did it to China, and there really isn’t any other communist country left (because it, like liberalism, doesn’t work!). So they are turning to good ol’ Uncle Sam to help them out. Unfortunately for Cuba, that’s not going to work. I seriously doubt Ted Cruz or Donald Trump is going to come to their rescue with tons of aid.

There have been tons of times over the past seven years that Barack Obama has just been plain wrong. It has nothing to do with politics; it has to do with inexperience in real life situations. This is what happens when you are sheltered from all but the fringe of politics as you’re growing up. You fail to understand why the world works the way it does, and instead you see it as working as you want it to work. It’s sad that someone in a position of power would believe that way and be so ignorant of the world’s situation.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!