Getting Sick?

I spent my career in the media. I covered a lot of stuff during that time. I met politicians, I met sports stars, I met Hollywood celebrities, and while I may not have believed in what a lot of them said politically, I tried to be fair with everybody. And today I would be a dinosaur.

Today you get a media that is trying to either elect or deny someone for president depending on their bias. Don’t let ANYONE tell you media isn’t biased. If they do, they’re lying to you. And it’s not just Fox News I’m talking about. CNN, MSNBC, HNN, and the major networks are all very, very liberal. And they’re all in the tank for Democrats. It’s sad because they are trying to influence you (both ways) as to whom you should vote for. And the same is true with Talk Radio. Long a “conservative” platform, it’s no different that cable or network news.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise when someone like Glenn Beck comes out and makes asinine statements that God wants people to vote one way or another. I guess what really grinds me about this situation is that Glenn Beck knows better. But he’s at it again, saying on his radio program on Tuesday of this week that “No Christian, no real Christian – I don’t mean a judgmental Christian, I mean somebody who is living their faith – no real Christian says, ‘I want that guy, that guy is for me,’” talking of course, about Donald Trump. Again, We The People need to make up our own collective minds. We don’t need some blathering idiot from New York doing it for us. And the same thing goes with the left trying to spin Trump as the anti-Christ. If you believe Trump is bad for the country, hopefully you’ve done your research and you’ve reached that conclusion on your own. If you believe Trump is actually going to do some good if he gets elected, hopefully you’ve done YOUR research and have reached that conclusion on your own. The same thing goes for the left and Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Don’t let the media sway you into voting one way or another. Use your own damn judgement and do your own damn homework.

Having said that, yes, I have someone that I hope prevails in all of this. And it may surprise some people to learn it’s not who I voted for in the primary. There is someone who I think would be a better leader than the person I voted for. But I’m willing to wait and see. The one thing I hope on both sides of the aisle here is that the people actually get to decide who the nominee is going to be, not the media, not the party bosses, not Glenn Beck, and not Alan Colmes. You and I should have that honor. Then WE are responsible for our choices. Let the media be damned!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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