A Long Time Ago…

This is a very special day for a lot of Christians. It’s a day we’ve celebrated for over 2,000 years because it’s the day that we firmly believe is the actual basis of the religion. It’s the day that represents when Jesus Christ was resurrected and rose into heaven.

Now, science would like to tell you that’s impossibility, and my kids once asked me whether or not I had “proof” of this actually happening. I said scientific proof? No. But that is where the word “faith” comes in. Do I have any doubt it happened? No, I do not. I look at the world around me. I look at the stars in the sky at night, and I know that there has been a plan all along. I look with wonder at how flowers grow, or how people are actually created. It’s amazing to me that you have all of this wonder and not have the faith to believe that something like God coming to earth to sacrifice his human self for mankind’s sins couldn’t happen. Is it a stretch to believe it? Well, is it a stretch to think that the universe actually came from something the size of one atom? If you were to believe in the “Big Bang” theory, then I guess it’s not a stretch to believe in Jesus Christ.

There are many mysteries in the world that we don’t understand. There have been many times we wondered about stuff that frankly is a lot less meaningful than our relationship with our Creator. And it’s at this time of the year…probably one of two times of the year (the other being Christmas) that we stop and think about our belief in God, and our relationship with Christ. This year, it’s especially meaningful for me because of the persecution that is going on in the world today.

I know a lot of folks that are followers of the Bible will point to Revelations as this being the “end times”. I don’t buy into that. Every generation has thought they were living in the “end times”. Somehow, that doesn’t ring true. How pompous do we have to be to really think WE are the generation that was chosen to be the last in mankind’s history? How sad that we don’t believe that it will carry on beyond us. Will mankind end someday? Of course. Over 95% of the species that have been created on this planet are now extinct, and man will most certainly follow them. Everything must be born, must live, and must die. I think that’s what’s known as the circle of life, and it’s true.

So it’s on this Easter Sunday, I wish all my brethren out there, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and all other religions a Happy Easter. For Christians, this is an extremely special day. Celebrate it with joy because it shows that yes…we do have a life after this one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


12 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago…

  1. What amazes me is, even Christians that believe pick and choose what they believe. The end times….people today talk as if it will happen in OUR lifetime, as you said. We don’t know when it will happen or exactly how…….it isn’t to be predicted. What ends for me, doesn’t mean its an end for you. Could happen 5 minutes from now…….could happen in another 1,000 years; we do not know; only God knows. I agree some day man will be extinct. Nothing lasts forever, except Him and the rest of us if we choose Him. What is soon to God could be light years for us. Also, what is impossible for us to conceive, is possible with and through Him, upon His wish all things are possible. Happy Easter to you and your family my friend.

    • Happy Easter my friends and I hope on this day you enjoyed family, food and prayer I believe in the times we live in Easter should always be celebrated I did not get to spend time with my grand kids today but I understand they had a wonderful day and that makes papa happy. Have a great night and keep god in your hearts….Peace =)

      • Thanks Basharr, and the same to you and yours. I also did not get to spend Easter with my grandkids (they live kinda far away!), but they also had a great day!!!

  2. Happy belated Easter (in spite of my views), but I am kind of surprised that it sounded that you deny evolution (from another post). A philosophical question for you, if the Big Bang was created by God and there was nothing be fore the universe, where did God come from and who created God? OK, I admit that this us a question that has been argued from hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Just want to get your spin on it and any of the posters.

    • A) I never said that the “big bang” was created by God. I believe in creationism…sorry…but most Christians do. The big bang is an antiquated theory proposed by scientists that would be to the lay person to be as equally as unbelievable as creationism is to the athiest.

  3. So, what your saying regarding creationism is that the earth is 6,000 years old? Come on you really believe that is the face of scientific evidence that the is about 4 billion years old? Did Jesus give the sermon the Mount while holding a baby velociraptor with his AR 15 propped on a rock nearby? At least theologians do agree that Jesus birth was in May and moved to December by the Church sometime after the fall of the Roman Empire to counteract the pagan religions of the time, but incorporated some aspects of paganism to help sell Christianity, think Christmas trees. “I killed this living thing for you Jennifer in the spirit of Christmas.” Dr. Johnny Fever (still one of the funniest episodes along with the turkey giveaway)

    If there was no big bang and there was no universe, where was God and who created God, but then God is an invisible cloud being?

    • As a great president once said…”There you go again!” Never said that the earth is 6,000 years old. Never said Jesus’ birthday was in December. I would agree that the date was selected to coincide with pagan rituals at the time. And I would agree the best WKRP episode was the turkey giveaway!

      What I find amazing is that “science” can’t begin to explain how the big bang happened…how it happened from something smaller than the size of an atom and we got the whole universe. And yet, they can pooh-pooh Creationism altogether without a second thought. Very strange! Oh, and I never said or intimated that God was an invisible cloud being. The uninformed believe that. See, it’s called “faith” for a reason! Have a great day!!

  4. Desert, you seem to make a career out of putting words in my mouth that I never said, such as accusing you of saying the earth is 6,000 year old. The Creationists say that and it is a cornerstone of their beliefs. You seem to pick and choose what part of this cockamayme story you believe.

    The argument that science can’t prove something so it must not be true. If you were to live 100 years ago and said you could send letters through the air without using paper or men walking on the moon in a little over 50 years or you can carry your telephone in your pocket, what would their response be? Laughter comes to mind, but it happened and because of science came up with the answers. Creationism on the other hand involves you have to believe this story that I cannot prove, but it happened. Actually, whoever was responsible for it, I cannot prove that being exists, but believe the being exists…….somewhere in a place I cannot prove exists either, but believe me on that. This pretty much sums up Christianity and Creationism. While science cannot prove the big bang, although those physicists in Switzerland are coming close, science demands actual proof. Faith does not involve reason.

    Sorry, but this is what I believe.

    • So, if you want me to believe that because something isn’t seen (like carrying a telephone in my pocket 50 years ago) it’s true, then why is it so out of the realm of possibility that Creationism (maybe not the 6,000 year part), is actually right? You can’t see it. You can’t prove it (just like you can’t prove the Big Bang theory beyond any reasonable doubt), but yet you are not inclined to believe it. Seems to me that science doesn’t demand actual proof. They’ve professed this for years as the ultimate answer for how the universe was created. They’ve also espoused (here he goes again) that man is responsible for “climate change”, when they have absolutely no proof on that one. In fact, they were so out of the boat on that they had to actually make up their statistics (like NOAA and the Chilean government). I guess I would be more accurate to say that science doesn’t require proof so much as they require the ability to feel good about it, and if they don’t they alter their findings until they do. Hmmm….doesn’t seem so far removed from religion, does it?

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