Do We Have A Choice This Year?

I am sitting here this morning, reading all the dirt on the political candidates for president, and I’m asking myself that very question. Do we really have a choice this year? This is one of the few times, and there have only been maybe three or four in my life, where I’ve looked at the people running for president before the convention and thought, “I really don’t like any of them”. That seems to be the case today.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Donald Trump: He’s a megalomaniac. He’s brash. He has no manners. He’s argumentative, and he’s about as unpresidential a candidate as we’ve ever had. OK…maybe the guy that ran a “front porch campaign in the 1800’s (and no…I’m not talking about Thomas Jefferson) was a little more so. He has no couth, and is a big mouth that loves to hear himself talk. I am having a problem seeing him in the White House for anything other than a state dinner being thrown for some visiting head of state. Somehow, I can’t see Donald Trump as president. You can’t look across the table at the Imam’s and Ayatollahs of Iran and tell them, “You’re fired”. It just doesn’t work. And he hasn’t done anything on the campaign trail to dissuade that argument.

Ted Cruz: Yeah, I’ll admit he’s wicked smart. I’ll admit he understands the constitution better than anyone else in the field, and I’ll admit he’s by far the best lawyer and debater of the bunch. But I also think he’s a little slimy. I’m inclined, without knowing all of the facts admittedly, that he’s not entirely truthful nor trustworthy, and I’ve got this gut feel that there’s just something about the guy that I don’t like. Maybe that it’s he’s buddied up to Glenn Beck who has a lot of his own problems, and is facing a really large defamation of character lawsuit this summer. Cruz has some good things going for them, but why do I feel so creepy about the guy?

Hillary Clinton: This is one of the candidates you’d hope would just decide it wasn’t right for them and go away. I thought we were through with her in 2000 when they left the White House. Oh, I could take her as a Senator because you can’t really do a lot of damage as 1% of a body. She did a lot of damage as Secretary of State, tearing Libya apart, the Russian “re-set”, Benghazi, yeah…she’s not leader. She’s a pathological liar, and even her supporters won’t deny it. She’s untrustworthy, brutally focused on whatever she’s aiming for (not always a bad thing), and has a myriad of other problems as well. The word is, and this is just a highly sourced rumor…she has a rather severe drinking problem, and she’s got major health issues (think stroke). I’m not against electing a woman to the White House. I’m against electing THIS woman to the White House.

Bernie Sanders: Here’s a guy that should be fishing or hunting in Vermont. What the hell is he doing on the campaign trail? He’s 74 years old. He’s an avowed socialist, which plays well in his home state, but not well most other places (Madison, Wisconsin may be the exception), and while he is by all accounts honest and probably the most presidential acting candidate in the field, even his most ardent supporters say there is no way in hell he can get elected even if he does beat Hillary for the nomination. Well, why would you nominate someone like him then? Enough said!

I can’t sit at home on Election Day. I’ve never done that and I won’t. But it’s looking more and more like if it’s one of those four, I may have to hold my nose when I vote. Unless those rumors of Paul Ryan and a brokered convention are true…but then the GOP is breaking itself apart. Fun times coming up this summer… Make lots of popcorn…it’s going to be a LONG show!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Do We Have A Choice This Year?

  1. Amen and amen. I cannot help but feel that we are clearly going to fall as a great nation completely by tge time the curtain falls and the show is over! What will we look like? Since the youth can’t behave like humans but instead act like animals and they ask why they feel this or that they cannot answer the question. Because they have absolutely no idea!

    I am glad I put my hope in Jesus Christ because when this once great place, begins to go completely up in flames one way or the other and probably from within, I won’t be thinking well, if only we could have voted this person or that one in. I will like you hold my nose when voting and that terrifies me in itself. Whatever happens, keep your eyes on Jesus Christ because this world is promised to get worse and worse as in the days of Noah, full of violence. After the Lord comes back to rule then it is going to keep getting darker. My hope is in the giver of life and not in a man. We are everyone a screwed up mess in need of our Saviour. Becomes more clear everyday. God bless you my brother.

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