Trump Bringing Out The Truth In People

I have to say that as “The Celebrity Apprentice” wore on (and on, and on, and on), I got less and less interested. How many fundraisers for charity can you televise and still make it interesting? Anyway, the one thing that I realized thinking back thru that show was Donald Trump did a good job of bringing out the REAL person. It didn’t matter if they came from country music or hip-hop. It didn’t matter if they were nice or a real asshole, he brought out their true nature. He’s doing the same thing on the campaign trail.

Did you see all of the protests in California? Did you see what they are basically about? There are a whole bunch of illegal immigrants that are angry that California is AMERICAN and not Mexican territory! They want the land back that we “stole” from them in the Mexican/American War. By the way…that was in 1846, about 170 years ago. Now, these protesters aren’t unhappy that Trump wants to bring all of that corporate cash that’s being stashed overseas here, no. They are unhappy that Trump a) wants to deport people that are in this country illegally; and b) wants to build a wall on our southern border, which would make it harder (not impossible) for the illegals to get here.

Trump has once again brought out the true feelings of people. And it’s my bet that he once again is going to expose the true agenda of the illegal aliens. You’re already seeing it. Drudge had a picture of a kid standing in front of a Mexican flag with a sign that said, “Make America Mexican Again”. Again? I don’t think AMERICA was EVER Mexican! Somebody has their history wrong! Now, if you want to say California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas? OK, I’d agree with you. But that’s called the price of losing a war and being dumb enough to fight the United States in the first place. It’s never going to happen.

If what we’re seeing under the covers with Donald Trump on the campaign trail is true and holds up in the White House as well, assuming he can beat Hillary Clinton, it should be interesting. He would be able to expose Iran, North Korea, Russia, and France for what they truly are. OK…I threw France in there just to make sure you were awake and following along, but you get the idea. Trump isn’t stupid. He’s ignorant on a lot of points and he needs to get a very quick education as to the inside game of politics, the BUSINESS of politics, but he’s not stupid. And if he surrounds himself with quality people that DO understand the game and the business of politics, I think he’ll be ok. The worst mistake Donald Trump can make if he gets elected is to do what Bobo Obama did, surround himself with cronies that may know Chicago politics, but don’t know squat about Washington DC. It’s all but ruined the country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Economy Could Sink Not Only Obama…

If you need any further proof that the current president isn’t making it as a leader, as a “commander-in-chief”, as a domestic policy leader, you need to look only at the tepid US economy. Not since the great depression has the economy sputtered and spit and stalled as many times as this one has. And it proves the point I’ve been making for the past seven years.

Liberalism doesn’t work. It won’t work. It’s never ever worked. There has never EVER been a single instance in the history of the world where over time having bloated governmental spending has proven to be a prosperous achievement. And this government has continued to prove that theorem.

The Department of Commerce reported this week that the United States’ economy grew at an anemic rate of 0.5% for the first quarter. That give Bobo Obama a rather historic distinction. He is the first president in US history not to see at least one year of 3% growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It’s a legacy item that belongs right up there with Obamacare, an IRS Scandal, a continuation of Fast & Furious, a Secret Service that’s grown out of control, an Attorney General that has been found in contempt of congress, a former Secretary of State under criminal investigation, and a failed foreign policy that has seen nothing but utter and complete failure starting with an apology tour and including the overthrow of Libya, a disaster in Syria, an early withdrawal from Iraq before the job was completed, a sorry excuse for a nuclear deal with Iran, a resurgent Russia that has annexed the Crimea from Ukraine, and what else? Oh…how about four Americans dead in Benghazi because of someone’s absolute total incompetence in managing foreign affairs…actually more than one. Quite a library!

Oh yes…the White House loves to spin it that it’s the Republicans’ fault because they didn’t go along with even more massive spending on infrastructure (read that as boosting unions), even though the last time we tried this in 2009, it produced…wait for it…wait for it…ONE shovel ready job! And we spent three-quarters of a trillion dollars. THAT is the kind of salary I would want for one year, lucky bastard!

No, this president has been a failure on all accounts from day one. He was not equipped to become president when he won, he’s still not equipped to be president seven years later. And yet, there is someone running for president that wants to actually continue this philosophy? Apparently so! Apparently, Hillary Clinton wants to continue the weakest growth of any US president since Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. And even Hoover had a year of 3% GDP growth! But Hillary in her wonderful economic mind, believes this is the road we need to be traveling down.

It’s just one more reason why we need to bring back some sort of intelligence test before people are allowed to vote. There is NO free Obama money people! There will be NO free Clinton money. It’s all your money. You screwed up twice…in 2008 and 2012. Don’t do it again in 2016!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Want To Fix Illegal Immigration In A Week?

Oh, there is a great way to fix the immigration problem with illegals in a very short period of time. Now, I’m not saying it’s the most humane. I’m not saying it’s the most Christian thing you can do…in fact it’s not a Christian thing at all, but if you want to stop the flood of illegal immigrants coming into this country, there is a very quick way to do it.

You let Mexico know that you are going to start shooting illegals on sight if they’re caught. And you’re instructing border patrol agents that if they spot anyone attempting to cross the border illegally, they will be shot. Not the best thing in the world to deal with a “neighbor”, I understand, but that’s not the question I asked. I asked if you wanted to fix the immigration problem quickly. And it would. I’m not saying it’s the best solution, but it would be the cheapest. Bullets are a LOT cheaper than walls. And it sends a message to all of Central America that if you come to this country illegally, you won’t be deported, you’ll rot in the desert.

Until the illegals coming across our border illegally (see, that word keeps popping up!) understand that they are not doing the right thing in the first place, and we are going to respond in kind, they are going to continue to do the wrong thing because there are no consequences. That’s what liberals love. They love to blame the system, or the Republicans or some boogie monster of the past for a person’s behavior. They have no idea what the phrase “personal responsibility” means. If you’re poor, it’s someone else’s fault…like that damn billionaire that walked on your back to get to where he is! If you’re hungry, it’s that damn millionaire’s fault for taking food out of your mouth. And if you are illegal and her illegally, it’s because the conservatives in this country have no compassion for the fact that you live in a shit-hole of a country. And rather than work to change that, you decided you were going to take what you felt you deserved. Forget what laws you’re breaking because that doesn’t matter. You FEEL that you want a better life so you go out and you take it. Because someone owes it to you.

Well, no one owes you anything. And if you take it because you feel you’re owed it, and you don’t do it the right way, you deal with the consequences. The problem we have in this country is the left doesn’t deal with consequences. They deal in feelings and attempts at trying to do the right thing. They don’t deal in results, and personal responsibility. If they did there’d be no illegal immigration. There’d be no welfare state. There’d be no third and fourth generations of fat asses sitting around watching Oprah Winfrey and The View all day instead of working. They’d be forced to go out and actually make a living so they could support their families.

Am I serious about shooting illegal aliens that enter this country illegally? Only half-heartedly. But it sure would solve the problem very quickly. And walls? You won’t need no stinkin’ walls!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Clinton Campaign’s Bust

No, I’m not talking about boobs. I’m talking about failure. I’m talking about something Hillary Clinton has excelled in her entire life. Not being able to finish the job. And it’s one of the big reasons why I, personally, am not that worried about November right now. I don’t care who the GOP throws up there against her, the mere fact is, the Democrats may not be in as much disarray as the Republicans, but they aren’t in much better shape.

Need proof? Well, let’s go to the numbers. If you go back to 2008, when Hillary ran against Bobo Obama, and he crushed her in the final days of the primaries to take the nomination (and subsequently the White House), there were 23.7 million Democrat votes cast during the primaries through this date. Eight years later, there have been 19.1 million Democrat votes cast during the same time period. That’s a decrease of 4.6 million or almost exactly 20%!

Now, we have to look at why. You had Hillary running in both, but you had the first black president on the line in 2008. But that only compares favorably to the crowds and votes that Bernie Sanders has been getting recently on the trail. The main difference is simple. A look back at history shows that throughout history in both parties, when a candidate runs and loses the first time, and is the front-runner for a second time, they garner fewer votes than they did the first time out. It happened with Adlai Stevenson against Dwight Eisenhower. It happened with Thomas Dewey against FDR and then against Harry Truman. And it happened with William Jennings Bryan against William McKinley (twice). Once a candidate has been exposed, their politics and positions are known and people aren’t as likely to vote for them a second time around if they’ve lost. Look at Rick Santorum this time through. The guy took Iowa in 2012, but couldn’t even muster enough votes to have to take his shoes off to count this year.

The main point here is simple. If you don’t excite your base, you don’t win. And yes, while Bernie Sanders has excited his base this year, and while Barack Obama did the same eight years ago, Hillary has failed to do it. Her crowds are small, her enthusiasm based on polling data is small, her donations have fallen off as well (Sanders has out-raised her each of the three months reported so far this year). It is more likely the Democrats are going to stay home and not vote this year. There is no major reason for them to get out and vote. Hillary may be trying to become the first female president, but she’s not a good candidate. She’s weak at debating, she has terribly staged events, and she has enough baggage to keep all the bellman in New York City busy for a month. No, I’m really not worried about Hillary Clinton.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Bernie Shouldn’t Pack It In

I don’t believe for a minute that Bernie Sanders should listen to what Hillary Clinton is trying to tell him, but is afraid to. She wants him to pack it in. She wants him to pull up stakes and head back to Vermont and to end this silly notion that he can be the Democrats’ nominee for president. What a silly rabbit!

Of course, she can’t come right out and say that. She can’t because that would make her even more hypocritical than she already is…and she can’t afford that. Back in 2008, the last time she tried to run for president, she ended up being told by Barack Obama’s people to get out of the race, that it was over and she was doing nobody any good taking it to the convention. She didn’t listen. Instead she went to the convention, where she cut a deal to have Obama pay off her massive campaign debts, and give her the title that she sought after she realized it wasn’t going to be “Commander In Chief”…that of Secretary of State.

And so, Hillary is in a conundrum. She wants Sanders out so she can pick up some momentum. As it stands, Sanders will do well in New Jersey and California, the last two states to vote. And that means Hillary will of course go over the top in delegates before the convention, but will limp into Philadelphia to be crowned Queen of the Dems. And she will have massive problems on her hands. Oh, the talk is of a fractured Republican party, but I have news for you. The Democrats are almost as fractured. Bernie Sanders’ campaign this year has interested more young people in politics than any time since John F. Kennedy. His problem was that was about all the people that cared about him. Hillary on the other hand knows if she can’t persuade those young people to join her bandwagon (something that will be tough to do after they were shouting “LIAR” at Sander’s events every time her name was mentioned), and tougher still, get them to show up on election day and pull a lever for her. Most people know young people need to be highly motivated to vote. Hillary certainly knows that. And she’s not a very motivating candidate.

So, Hillary will have to settle for whoever shows up in November, and chances are Bernie’s army won’t be there in force for her. But as for now, Bernie needs to ride the Bern as long as he can. He has changed his goal from winning the White House in November to influencing the Democrat Party at the convention. I’m still not convinced he’s going to be able to do that. And aside from a prime-time speaking spot, I’m not sure he’s going to get much out of that convention; losers usually don’t.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cruz’ Last Grasp

Ted Cruz took a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook yesterday. After getting absolutely shellacked in the I-95 Primary, where he finished dead last in all five states, he had to do something with Indiana’s primary looming less than a week away to stop the media from talking about his loss. And it was a rather large loss. He had fewer votes in all five of the states than Donald Trump did in just Pennsylvania. He finished third to John Kasich everywhere…and he garnered a whopping three delegates…all from that delegate-rich state of Rhode Island.

So what does Ted Cruz do to change the narrative? He tells the world that when he’s nominated, he will pick Carly Fiorina as his running mate. There. That’ll get their attention. And it did…sort of.

Most of the newscasters and pundits out there shrugged their shoulders, and went back to the real news. It was about as important a moment on the Republican side as Jim Webb if he would have said that he was going to select Albert McKinney for his running mate if he wins the nomination. Who is Albert McKinney? Exactly!

I think Paul Manafort had it right when asked about the Cruz move. He said it was the second attempt at a move of desperation. The first one didn’t work, and this one probably won’t either. That is pretty much the way most people see it. I really likened the move to when John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate back in 2008. I remember sitting at my desk at work, heard the news, and had to Google Sarah Palin to see who in hell she was. Then I shrugged my shoulders and wondered if she was the best choice, or just the best choice that said “yes”.

We’re at the point in both the GOP and Democrats’ campaigns now where we normally are right after Super Tuesday. It has been a contentious year on both sides. On one side you’ve got “establishment” leaders of a party, primed in national politics and at the top of their profession being undermined by a newcomer with no experience, and putting them to shame. And they are fighting it every step of the way. On the other side, you’ve got two rather weak candidates that really couldn’t win during a year that had an unpopular GOP president finishing his second term. One has the youth vote, who are fickle and most likely won’t show up to back the ultimate winner, and one with enough baggage to fill a Pullman train. That has made this an interesting spring, but it’s pretty apparent to all concerned right now that both races appear to be over.

If Donald Trump continues on his path, he actually should wrap up the nomination by the convention. I don’t think he’ll have many extra delegates to play with, but he should top 1,237. Hillary Clinton will most certainly have enough delegates to capture the nomination. Her only problem is whether she will be referred for indictment before or after the convention. That could be the only problem she’s facing before the general election against Trump.

So, there you have it. Trump vs. Clinton in the fall. Pretty much stick that in the bank. Oh, Bernie Sanders may make a noise about it in Philadelphia, just like Ted Cruz will in Cleveland, but in the end, it’s going to be a very calm (and boring) convention in both cities. Trump and Clinton have survived. One through attrition of rivals, the other by making it through all of her very own mistakes.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Fat Lady IS Singing (Not Hillary!)

After last night’s I-95 primary, the fat lady has sung. It’s almost over. One more week, and this thing can be put to bed pretty much. No, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton probably aren’t going to clinch their nomination next week…Trump still needs 287 delegates and Hillary needs 242 to do that, but they’re close enough that if both win Indiana, it’s all over. Trump is leading in the state by 6 and Clinton by 4 in the Real Clear Politics average of polls (there haven’t been many taken in Indiana, and Clinton is within the margin of error).

In case you went to bed early, Trump swept the five state primaries in the northeast, winning all of them handedly. Clinton took four of the five with Rhode Island giving Sanders a slim victory (he got 13 delegates to her 11 there). Overall last night, Trump added 105 delegates to his total, a little more than he was hoping for. John Kasich added 5 and Ted Cruz a single delegate. Cruz is putting all of his eggs into this “new deal” with John Kasich where Kasich backs out of Indiana and Cruz backs out of Oregon and New Mexico. Unfortunately for Ted, that’s probably not going to work. Kasich said when he announced his participation that he was doing it for cost savings, and wouldn’t be telling Indiana voters to vote for Cruz…he’d just be skipping Indiana.

On the Democrats’ side, Hillary added 194 delegates to her total and Bernie got 129. Again, he’s close but she keeps adding to her lead. At some point he’s got to start sweeping delegates, and that’s awfully tough to do when all Democrat delegates are awarded proportionally. You basically have to win 100% of the vote in order to do that. The only way that Clinton can lose now is if her 500 or so super delegates peel away and move to Sanders. That would give him about a 200 delegate lead. But the only way that can happen is if James Comey and the FBI investigation declares that Hillary should be indicted for her email scandal, and Loretta Lynch agrees. That’s not likely to happen knowing the Dems’ and how they like to circle the wagons around their felons. Only rarely do they throw one under the bus.

So, looking ahead, we’re left with a Trump v. Clinton matchup for the fall. I think that’s going to be one of the more contentious campaigns we’ve seen in a long time. Oh, certainly not the MOST contentious, there have been some real barn-burners throughout history, but we haven’t seen the likes of this in a LONG while. Hillary can be really bitchy and whiny on the campaign trail (which never looks or sounds good on her), and Trump, well, we’ve seen the type of atomic bombs he can throw at people. It’s not like Hillary Clinton is squeaky clean. She has an awful lot of baggage she’s going to have to answer for. And saying “That happened so long ago, I’m not even going to discuss it”, isn’t going to work.

Welcome to politics in the 21st century!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!