Broken Deal?

One has to wonder based on the reaction of the Clinton campaign this past week, if the “deal” between Bobo Obama and Hillary Clinton is done. You know the “deal”? The one that said she’d win the presidency and continue his legacy so he’s more than a comma in the history books, in exchange for Obama’s Department of Justice not going after Hillary on her email security problems. Why would I say that?

Very simple. Bill on the campaign trail early last week refers to the “terrible legacy of the last seven and a half years”, and then tries (unsuccessfully) to walk it back saying he was referring to the Republicans, and then a day later Chelsea Clinton addressing a handful of people and referring to “the high costs of Obamacare” and how her mom is uniquely qualified to fix those high costs. Something is going on. The Washington Times has hinted that either the Clintons know they are 100% in the clear with the FBI investigation (hardly a foregone conclusion), or they know the deal with Obama not to indict if referred is dead, and they’re getting their licks in now. Either way, it doesn’t make much sense why they are starting the attack on Obama today.

Most of the Democrats out there LOVE Obama. He’s still one of the most unpopular presidents in US history, but that’s when you throw the GOP and independents into the mix. With Dems, they love the guy. So why would the Clintons be slapping him around in a Democrat primary? It gets you to wondering. And the Times article has an interesting take on it. I’m not sure I’m ready to go for it whole hog, but it’s interesting.

Their theory is, just like Alexander Butterfield, who was a low-level staffer, a deputy-assistant to Nixon, is the guy that spilled the beans that there was a recording system set up in the Oval Office, which of course, led to the 18 minutes of silence and Nixon’s eventual downfall, in Hillary’s case, it’s a computer whiz named Bryan Pagliano who the FBI has said is “a devastating witness”. Well, he can only be devastating to one person, and it ain’t going to be James Comey. It could very well be that Pagliano has provided enough information to the FBI to make this an open and shut case.

Most of Hillary’s defense has been that she never sent or received anything marked classified when it was sent. Well, a second-grader with a kindergarten education could tell you by now that those documents are classified when they are created, and they do not need to have the “markings” on them when sent in order to be classified. It’s the information contained in them that matters. And Hillary still wants to hold on to the lie that’s not the case. As the FBI sees it, they are focusing on the documents that were sent from that server rather than received because it shows intent better. Anyone can get a classified document and read it by mistake and say, “Oops! My bad. I didn’t know what it was”. When you send a document that’s classified, you sure as hell know what’s in it, and know that you shouldn’t have done that. That is what is going to nail Hillary, Huma, and Cheryl. They all did that. Apparently, there are over 100 emails from all three of them that never should have been sent from that server.

And there we come full-circle back to why attack Obama? If he is the troll with the magic keys that can set you free, are you really doing yourself any favors by calling him ugly? Or has he already told you that you are dead meat walking when the referral comes out, so you might as well try to take him down a peg or two now. Either way, it’s strange behavior from the Democrats’ frontrunner. If it continues, we’ll know the answer!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!