Is Trump Actually SUITED To Be President?

I gotta tell you, I get more and more worried the more I heard Donald Trump speak. It’s Hillary-speak all over again. You know the syndrome, right? The more she talks, the less people listen. The more she opens her mouth the more she puts her feet in? Donald Trump is starting to show why very few people in this country actually run for president…or should.

In case you missed it, I’m referring to the Chris Matthews town hall a couple of days ago, where The Donald was asked about whether there should be punishment for women who get an abortion. He danced around the question a few times, but you know Matthews…he doesn’t let stuff like that go. Like a shark in the water smelling blood, he continues to prod and probe until he gets his nugget of gold. And he got it. He came right out and asked Trump point blank, “Should women who got an abortion be punished?” Trump’s answer, rather flustered, was, “Well, there, uh, yes…there has to be some sort of punishment”. You could hear his campaign staff cringing in the background.

This is exactly the type of thing that presidential candidates who don’t make the grade fall into. So far, Trump has been able to take these moments and turn them into either non-events, or to his advantage. Either way, he has been very keen on the “walk-back” of statements, and changing what was said during the walk-back. He wasn’t so keen this time around, saying basically that if congress were to pass a law banning abortion, and it were upheld in the courts, that it wouldn’t be the woman that got punished, because she’s a victim. It would be the doctor that performed the abortion. Hmm…a little too late?

Every single candidate from both sides pounced on Trump over that one. That was a total 180 flip from his original town hall statement. Now, it needed to be walked-back, no doubt…but that wasn’t even close to what Trump was talking about originally. And it worries me that he’s going to get the nomination (which I’m still not necessarily opposed to), and he’s going to make a gaffe like that in a debate with Hillary (who will by the way, make a ton of her own gaffes), but that would cost him the election. It doesn’t take much. Remember Jimmy Carter taking “foreign policy advice from Amy” in a debate with Ronald Reagan? Remember Michael Dukakis driving a tank, looking stupid in that helmet? Remember Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon, or “Read my lips…no new taxes?” Those things, innocent when said, turned out to be very costly to political careers!

And this could be the same thing. Trump already has a gender-gap problem with women, even though he claims no one on the face of God’s green earth could have more respect for women than he. How many more stupid gaffes like this will it take to turn all of the female folk out there against him. This is typically engaging the mouth before the brain. In politics, that usually doesn’t work out so well.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Agree 100%. And for how tough he likes to act toward the other candidates, I couldn’t believe he didn’t swat the smug Chris Matthews away when he kept pestering him on the issue. Stupid move by Trump.

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