Joint Defense Strategy For Clinton Aides

Four of Hillary Clinton’s aides that got tangled up in her email server scandal have decided to come together and use the same former Justice Department lawyer when they meet with the FBI, probably later this month.

That could be interesting. Most of the time, individuals meeting with the FBI are not going to want to use the same attorney because it means that they can’t throw each other under the bus. But what this shows is that the four, Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, Jake Sullivan, and Philippe Reines, are all going to try and tell the FBI the same story. That means one thing. Someone else is going to get thrown under the bus.

There are only two other people left in this menagerie. One is Hillary herself, and the other is Huma Abedin. So the big question is, knowing that her one-time server boy, Bryan Pagliano has already been interviewed and was considered a “devastating witness” by insiders at the FBI, what does this mean?

Well, it depends on whom you ask. Some attorneys say that it means Abedin and Clinton are going down for the server scandal. Others say that having these four tell the same story helps Clinton and that she can actually tell them what to say. Some have gone so far as to say that the mere fact the DOJ is allowing one lawyer to represent four potential witnesses is an indication that they aren’t going to proceed with any indictment at all, that they’re going to throw in the towel regardless what the FBI has to say about it. Of course, if that were the case, the damage would have been done by Hillary.

Hillary is going to be needing more than loyal Democrats to get elected, and recent polling suggests that the Dems are just as vulnerable as the GOP this time around. In fact, 33% of Bernie Sanders’ supporters say they won’t be supporting Hillary if she’s the nominee on the Democrats side. And if Trump is the nominee on the GOP side (something that is looking less likely), he could pull away up to 20% of the Democrats’ vote. Of course, he’d probably lose 30% of the GOP vote as well.

In the end, the whole thing boils down to Loretta Lynch and what she decides to do. If she has the evidence and doesn’t do anything, there will be political backlash. If she indicts Hillary, there will be instant death for the Dems. And if she somehow can persuade America that there isn’t any evidence, and gets the FBI to go along with that things will proceed as “normal” for this election cycle.

But the likelihood of that happening, in all honesty, is going to be incredibly low. This is going to be an exciting summer to watch all the events unfolding…the GOP contested to brokered convention…whether Trump goes away mad and runs as a third party candidate or just goes away if he doesn’t win, and whether Hillary explodes or implodes. Get the popcorn ready!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Joint Defense Strategy For Clinton Aides

  1. What if those four aides have all settled on the same story and that story is tossing Hillary under the bus? “We aired our opinions on the legality and she said do it anyway.”Seriously at this point in time that would be an easy sale because History on things like this is not on Clinton’s side. But I honestly believe Mr. Lawless (No relation to Lucy) is not going to bust a grape and she will skate. However a pardon or a pass still looks like lawless activity its quite a legacy BOBO is creating to say the least. My question though is when does all this lawless crap start to turn the democrats stomachs? Are they that corrupt or simply too spineless to demand justice?

    • OK…you certainly deserve an answer on that one, so I put my crystal ball to work. The answer to your first question is never. Democrats’ stomachs will NEVER turn sour because of lawlessness. It’s in their DNA. They circle the wagons. They rarely jump ship. OK…Anthony Weiner was the exception to that. Yes, they are corrupt. Unfortunately, I think the GOP goes too far the other way too often, ready to throw someone under the bus and cost them their career for jaywalking!

  2. Desert, I believe the real question is who provided the legal counsel in the first place. Since they might be employees of the State Department, it would not be uncommon for inside counsel to represent them in their official capacity. If they are/were contract employees, then they would probably have to retain outside counsel. Since you have not answered these questions, it might be a little early for the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. Just saying.

    Good news Desert, I just received my book on heraldry so I will be ready shortly for my talk on What Medieval Stained Glass Windows and NASCAR have in common. I also received Douglas Brinkley’s book Rightful Heritage, FDR and the Land of America or as I say, after saving capitalism the first time, he saved our natural resources. FDR is a personal hero of mine in case you did not know and saved my Dad’s family (CCC).

    • Actually Snark, I’m surprised you don’t know this. Government employees are not generally entitled to a government attorney in matters such as this, even though they are employees of the government. These folks are always told to seek out outside legal help. No tinfoil hat needed here…just the facts.

      Congrats on the heraldry book.

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