Can Cruz Actually Beat Trump?

OK, I will admit it. I voted for Donald Trump in the Arizona primary. I didn’t necessarily want to. I did it because of what Glenn Beck said on the campaign trail, telling an Evangelical audience in the Pacific Northwest something stupid like “God wants you to vote for Ted Cruz”. For cryin’ out loud…how in hell does Beck know what God wants us to do in an election? Does God even care? Personally on God’s to-do list, I think telling Americans who they should elect as their next president doesn’t make the top million.

Having said that, let me pose the question: Can Ted Cruz actually defeat Donald Trump at the convention? That is the $1 billion question. And the answer is, yes he most certainly can. Here’s how and why.

Though Ted Cruz lost by 20% to Donald Trump in the Arizona primary last month, Ted Cruz could very well end up with Trump’s 58 Arizona delegates at the convention. That’s because after the first ballot, if Trump doesn’t get 1,237 votes, it opens the convention wide open, and Cruz has been working Arizona extremely hard. He’s contacted all of the 58 delegates pledged to Trump and is trying to turn them over to Cruz delegates on the second ballot. Legal? Yup. Is it going to work? Well, if the current momentum shift away from The Donald is any indication, I’d say Cruz has a chance. Remember, he doesn’t have to win 1,237 delegates to win the nomination. He only has to stop Trump from doing it. And then the big question would be what would Trump’s response be?

Lately, Trump has thrown out that he’d run for president as an independent if he couldn’t get the GOP nod. That flies in the face of his earlier pledge, which pissed off Reince Priebus, the GOP chair. But that would actually be a very stupid move for Trump. When you’re an independent, you’re on your own. You set your own schedules, have nothing but your own people. You get no support what so ever from anyone. And you get very few PAC’s to do your bidding, because they aren’t going to throw away millions of dollars on someone who’s only going to take 10-20% of the vote. The problem is that probably would be enough to take the election away from whomever the GOP does end up nominating. And that insures a Democrat win for Hillary. Maybe that was Trump’s endgame all along?

Either way, it would destroy Trump’s reputation both as a politician (though I’ll admit he doesn’t have far to go there), and in business where he would be viewed as totally shady and not able to keep a promise. I don’t think Trump is that stupid. He talks a good game, but I really doubt he would be ready to throw upwards of 10% of his net worth to the wolves just to allow Hillary the White House and beat down Ted Cruz. I think he’s actually smarter than that. In the meantime, what’s happening to his businesses? You can’t tell me they are doing great without him at the helm? And if they are, just what does that say about him as vital to his corporation’s success? Things to think about.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Can Cruz Actually Beat Trump?

  1. I voted for him in Missouri, you probably figured that one out! 🙂 I didn’t like the other choices. Cruz reminds of a the snake in the Garden of Eden. Kasich…………He reminds of politics of old, you don’t get much more Establishment than that! And….no the other side wasn’t an option!

    • And I voted for him in Arizona…because of Glenn Beck’s comments (he thinks God talks to only him???), and Kasich is, as you say in your Thought of the Day, the Establishments lone gun! Yup…no options!

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  3. Cruz will win WI tonight because Scott Walker will steal the election outright or through the gerrymandered districts that he and his yahoo legislature passed in 2012 because that is what he does. Find out why he had to leave Marquette without a degree. Also his voter suppression ID laws. Check out the long lines at the polls, Deja vu of AZ.

    Republicans, fucking up elections for no reason with laws that solve problems that do not exist.

    • Are you saying you Chicago Dems don’t have voter fraud? Can I remind you of 1960??? How many cemetaries were polling places then? C’mon Snark…look at things the way they are. BOTH sides do the same thing and you know it!

  4. Desert, nothing like bringing up the ghosts of 56 years ago, it really proves your point. Actually Chicago has run clean elections since Da Mare vapor locked in 1976. The Machine as you formerly know it has been dead for a long time and the leverage over voters and patronage workers died in the late 70’s via various court cases. C’mon, that tired argument of everybody does it is so passé. Do you see any Democratic dominated legislatures passing voter ID laws, Democratic controlled governments reducing early voting days or cutting days out, reducing hours for early voting, reducing the number of polling places, etc.? Nope, my misguided friend, they are all Republican and the recent fiasco in AZ should show you what dirt bags they truly are.

    I have made it my policy to follow the rules in AZ regarding ID and none of it involves showing a picture ID as it is not required and guess what, there are always problems. The poll workers are incompetent and the election judges idiots. I worked as both a poll worker and election judge both in the town I grew up in and in Chicago, making myself intimately familiar with the rules, consequently I am the voter they hate here because I am knowledgeable. One of the best stories I have of voting in AZ is that the poll workers and election judge were not going to let me vote because my car was not registered in AZ. Can you say poll tax? This is the kind of crap that passes for knowledge here.

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