The Trump “Wall Plan” Explained

It was one of Donald Trump’s first “defining” moments. It was when The Donald told the world at the border that he was going to build a wall, basically from San Diego to McAllen Texas, and he would make Mexico pay for it. It got a lot of snickers first. I mean, how does one country MAKE another country pay for anything? It’s usually an agreement of sorts, and all this did was piss off Mexico and make them NOT want to pay for the wall…so how was Trump going to do it?

He finally answered that question. He wrote a two page memo to the Washington Post in which he basically said he would make them pay for the wall and if they didn’t want to do that, he’d cut off the money being sent to Mexico from the legal and illegal immigrants in this country that send money back to that country, and yes…that’s something he COULD do.

What would something like that do to Mexico? Well, the rumor is (no one has actually added up how much money leaves the US for Mexico) that it’d be in the $25 billion/year range. It would actually have a devastating effect on the Mexican economy because they rely so much on that money coming from relatives that are working in the US to help their families make it through each month. Trump figures that the cost of the wall would be in the $5-$10 billion range, so the damage to Mexico would be less than half of that of not building (and paying for) the wall.

OK, so what does this actually mean? It means that this is one area that Donald has figured out what he’s going to do. I’m not convinced that he really understands enough of the policies out there to come up with solutions like this with other political puzzles. His answer on abortion the other day was ludicrous. And while this wouldn’t help US-Mexican relations at all, in fact, it would really piss off the Mexican leadership; it would indeed be a better deal for Mexico than losing the $25 billion they received from Mexicans working in the US in 2015. But would it work? That’s the big question. We have walls up right now in some parts of the border. It doesn’t work. Mexican drug lords and mules just tunnel under them. In fact, there are so many tunnels under the US/Mexican border it is pretty much Swiss cheese. And they aren’t just crude tunnels. They’ve found underground railroads that come up two miles inside the US border. So, if Trump is going to build a wall, he needs to build it in both directions.

My plan has always been to have a mile-wide no-man’s-land where there was nothing but sand. You could see from 50 foot guard towers who was trying to break into the country and stop them. You build a wall at the border that was 50 feet tall, then build the no-man’s-land, and then build the second wall that is 80 feet tall. And you have guard towers atop the second wall. You do that and I guarantee you the flow of illegals into this country drops to a trickle. Of course, you have to do one more thing. You inform the Mexican government that those guards have orders to shoot to kill any illegals they see in no-man’s-land. You don’t actually have to do it, but you have to make them THINK you’re going to do it. It’s called the Desert Radio plan. And you’re welcome!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!