Hillary’s PISSED!

I guess I can’t blame Hillary Clinton for being a tad upset after the Wisconsin shellacking. After all, she was supposed to be coroneted as “Queen” this year, not have to run a real political race. What in hell is going through Bernie Sanders’ mind anyway? Does he think he can actually beat the Arkansas Princess? Doesn’t he know this horse race is rigged? Apparently not!

Hillary is upset that Bernie Sanders is pulling an Obama on her. Remember back in 2008? Hillary was going to be the nominee and was going to cake-walk all over John McCain. It was going to be a glorious victory for Billary to go back to the White House where they belong. It was kind of like a 21st Century Camelot thing that the Kennedy’s enjoyed for a year or two. And then this upstart geezer from Vermont, who’s not even a real Democrat shows up. And the college kids love HIM! They should be loving HER! And they start voting for HIM. They should be voting for HER! And then something strange happens. He starts raising about as much money as she does. Then he raises as much as she does. Then something stranger happens. For the last three months, he OUTRAISES her! In March, it wasn’t even close. She got $29 million, but he pulled in $43 million. How does that happen?

And Bernie starts winning states. Oh, it was a fluke at first, and really, she didn’t expect to win New Hampshire. But all of a sudden he’s winning seven of the last eight, and he has momentum going into New York. That means Hillary has to show the New Yorkers her love and affection for her “adopted home state”. So she goes on The View and tells the world, there’s no place else she’d rather be than in New York! But she also says that enough is enough with Bernie Sanders. She gets that he wants to take the party left (and he has). She gets it that the kids love him (not her). But she also knows she wants to win the nomination! And she always gets what she wants. Just ask Vince Foster!

If Hillary loses New York (she’s up by 9 points this morning in the latest poll), all hell will break loose in her camp. If she loses more delegates to Sanders, she’ll start crying. She didn’t want to debate him at all any more, then suddenly, asked for an April 14th debate and got it. Hmm…why would the leader be asking for a debate? Maybe she’s afraid that she’s no longer the leader? Maybe she needs something to get some momentum back? Maybe she’s afraid that if she loses her adopted home state to Bernie, it’s pretty much in the tank? Well, not really because of the way Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has set up the primary season. It’s all proportionate. That means Hillary can lose the rest of the states out there, and as long as the super delegates stay with her, and don’t do what they did in 2008, she’s ok. But that’s the rub…she SAYS they’re committed to her (and so far they are), but when happens when his winning streak stretches to 10 states? 15 states? Do they start to peel off then? That’s what happened 8 years ago.

My hunch is Hillary is beyond worried….and she should be. Bernie Sanders has proven to the world she is no politician, and she’s a terrible candidate. She’s certainly not ready for prime time. Her only saving grace is the Republican nominee may not be ready either!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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