Is Hillary Qualified?

On Wednesday, at Temple University in Philadelphia, Democrat presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders commented that Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president. On the surface, it’s one of the few times I would agree with Sanders, but underneath, it’s not really true.

And of course, we agree on the end but not the means. First the underneath part. The Constitution says you have to be at least 36 years of age, and a “naturalized” citizen of the United States to serve as president. Now, it’s never been fully determined what the word “naturalized” means, but basically it’s been accepted that you cannot have immigrated to the US from another country. If you’re born in another country, that’s ok, as long as at least one of your parents is American. So, that’s the underneath part.

Now, Sanders says Hillary isn’t qualified because she’s accepted money from Wall Street firms, she voted for the Iraq war, and she supports free trade. Using that logic, I think Bernie Sanders would probably be the only guy on the planet that’s “qualified” to become president. That’s not why I would personally disqualify Hillary from being president.

My reasons are a lot different than Sanders. Frankly, voting while in the Senate doesn’t figure in. I look beyond that. I look at the character traits. I look at the personality. I look at the history of what actions the person has taken. That’s where I come up with the idea that Hillary isn’t qualified. Let me explain.

She hasn’t held a job in her entire career that she has been successful at. From the moment she got out of college, she’s been riding on coattails. She was a mediocre lawyer at best, only boosted by her relationship to her husband. She was a terrible first lady that failed at her only “policy initiative”. She was a terrible Senator from New York that only authored two bills in the time she was in the Senate, both of which were “laudatory bills” that named a bridge or a highway after someone. As Secretary of State, she failed in almost every endeavor she attempted. Her Russian Re-set was an abortion of the worst kind. Her Libya policy helped to spur the creation and growth of ISIS, being entirely short-sighted and ill-thought-out. And her reaction in Benghazi was inept and criminal.

Now we can add her email problems to the whole list. She obviously doesn’t believe in following rules, which would be troubling for a presidential candidate. We’ve sat through eight years of a president who bent and twisted the US Constitution into toilet paper to suit his own, convoluted ideas of what America should be (hey…don’t blame Bobo on that one…he WARNED us he was going to “fundamentally transform America” in his 2008 campaign!). But Hillary has lied to the American public for years. She has been involved in more scandals than all other first ladies combined. She’s on pretty much every list of the most corrupt politicians in America, even though I personally question her “politician” title. She’s no politician, she’s got no executive leadership skills, and her personality traits are flawed beyond belief. So what makes us think she’s going to change if we give her more power? What is that they say about insanity being repeating the same thing and expecting a different result?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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